Activision Wins Small Battle In Call Of Duty Lawsuit

Publisher Activision took home a small victory in its longstanding legal battle against Call of Duty creators Jason West and Vincent Zampella earlier this week, convincing a Los Angeles judge to drop a fraud claim against it, according to a news report.

Bloomberg reports that State Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle dropped one of two fraud claims against Activision on Monday, though he let a promissory fraud claim stand.

For a full explanation of the complicated, longrunning legal battle between Activision, Electronic Arts, and the two ex-Infinity Ward heads, check out Kotaku's previous coverage.

Activision Wins Dismissal of One of Two Former Executives' Fraud Claims [Bloomberg via Gamasutra]


    goes to show that in this world, evil wins.

    I think Activision is in the right here. They took Zampella and whatsisface to court because they were blocking bonuses and planning to start their own company. They denied it, they were fired, and then boom, 1 month later they start their own company...

      Activision blocked bonuses to all employees and not just the two bosses. What ever happened to that court case against Activion anyway?

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