A Tetris Swimsuit Is Sexier Than It Sounds

Obviously with a ton of Tetris-inspired prints lying around the warehouse, fashion label Black Milk have added a Tetris swimsuit to its existing line of Tetris leggings.

While the leggings were faintly ridiculous, the swimsuit is a much more sensible affair. Relatively. Though at AUD$90 (which these days is basically USD$90), you better really like Tetris to bother.

Silly boots not recommended for actual swimming.

RETRO GAMER SWIMSUIT [BlackMilk, via Pwn Love]


    Why the hell is she wearing those shoes....

      True story. In fashion, feet are ugly and uncontrollable. Shoes hide/mask it.

        Also heels make legs look longer...

    totally worth the money if it was playable and bits disappeared when you made lines!

      You'd need to find a girl willing to wear it for you first mate.

    Now do a 2 piece... I would never want my girl in a 1 piece :P


      Don't worry, it's all good lighting and Photoshop. Her arms and legs are too solid and completely contradict the thin torso. I study anatomy and I can tell you, no ones torso can be that thin without the rest of their bones and rib cage showing through the skin.

        What are you talking about, my waist is that thin, and I have way bigger boobs and bum than that. It's totally possible, just not common, because most people are either skinny or fat...maybe I'm both at the same time because I'm a freak. :p

        "I study anatomy"

        Yeah, so do I. *Fap fap fap

        "I study anatomy"


        "People, every night I fap to hentai"

          fucking lol

    star wars r2d2 ones exist as well

    (*restraining male side*)I notice no-one complains about this article...

    (*unleashing male side*) I know where I'd drop my straight piece.


    Real question is does she come with the swimsuit? HAHAHA

    so lonely

    YAY re-article.

    I love it when I see the same article on kotaku again and again.


    racist milk

    Why did they get a 12 year old boy to model this swimsuit?

      Because that's what men find sexy. Duh.

    She really is awfully thin.

    Surprised still havnt see jokes of ' what happens when you get a line of blocks, does the suit disappear there?'


    I thought I could finally escape Tetris. AND HERE IT IS WAITING FOR ME WHEN I GOT HOME

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