Turn Your Home Into A Russian Nightmare With Tetris Furniture

Tetris-inspired furniture may not be new, but in this case, it's never looked better.

Brazilian industrial designer Diego Silvério, along with his pal Helder Filipov, have come up with this surprisingly presentable concept for Tetris furniture that works throughout the house, from the living room to the bedroom.

I'm not sure that kitchen one looks entirely safe, but the way the 4x1 breaks apart into a bed/couch looks pretty sweet.

Tetris Furniture [Coroflot, via TheChiefZero]


    May I know why the hell is the article header so racist? Just because it looks ugly to you it is a Russian nightmare? Already a few times plunkett say very racist things. Will save all the pages and report for his removal from kotaku

    How on earth do they use their toaster???!!!

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