The Joy And Sadness Of Nintendo's Life-Destroyer, Captured In Comic Form

True story: in 2003, I very nearly failed a whole bunch of university courses, which in Australia is a very difficult thing to do. It wasn't because I was drinking too much, or partying too hard.

It was because of Animal Crossing.

The GameCube original destroyed me. Housemates would come back from a day's hard work to find me on the couch, still in my pyjamas, muttering something about fish, and bells, and the inherent inequality of the town's home ownership laws. Then they'd see what I was playing, shake their heads and leave me alone.

So! If you think the emotions on display in these wonderful comics by Aussie artist Jake Lawrence are manufactured, or couldn't possibly be "real", you shut up. They aren't, and they most definitely can be.

Time Cowboy! [Jake Lawrence]


    Oh god dont talk about it,itwill make me want to play all over again... I lost soo much time to this game its scary, damn nook and his bullshit home loan that never ends!!!

    ahh i loved AC on the GC,. Good times.

    I can't get me enough of AC.

    Also, until the second image is fixed, here is where to go to see it:

      No, go here to see it:

    plunkett is australia?
    i thought all the shit he produced from his mouth was american product... sad that an aussie? is that evil...

      Ummmm. . . what?

      You're so stupid man. He lives in Australia, he's Australian, he just works for Kotaku US. So stop trolling, because it's highly likely he checks out Kotaku AU quite often.

      the irony... too much... to... handle...

    " I very nearly failed a whole bunch of university courses, which in Australia is a very difficult thing to do."

    Wow, way to short-sell your country's entire tertiary sector.

    Perhaps in the degree you were doing yourself, it'd be hard to fail a subject (which indicates an empty, low level degree). In the ones I've completed, it was extremely hard to achieve a pass, let alone a HD average.

      Damn you Electrical Engineering!
      You and your pseudo maths... The further into the degree you go, the less numbers there are in an equation.

    Plunkett having nearly failed Uni is probably the least surprising thing ever.


    I got sucked into the DS one. HEAPS. I would play it all the time. Hanging out with friends. I guess like people do now with iPhones.
    Then one day I didn't do it.
    And I never felt a need to go back.
    It's so illogical.
    All I was doing, all day long, was walking to the shore, picking up seashells, selling them, and going back to sleep.

    Hey, my friend does these!

    For once I approve of the Punkettism :P

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