How To Catch Wasps In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Catch Wasps In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Trees in Animal Crossing: New Horizons hold many secrets. Shake them and you can gain coins, branches, bugs or even furniture. But they also hold nasty little surprises, and sometimes you’ll shake loose a dangerous wasp nest. The good news is you can catch these wasps before they do any harm.

There’s usually between 3-4 wasp nests hidden in trees across your island every day. You shouldn’t relax until you find them all.

If you get stung once, your face eyes will swell up and you’ll need to craft medicine to get better. If you get stung twice in a day, you’ll faint and be transported back to your home.

The safest way to catch wasps is to shake all trees with a net in your hands. That way, it’s easy to access and you don’t have to worry about fumbling about with your tool belt when a nest drops. This is easy enough because the net now stays in your hands when you shake trees.

In my experience, shaking trees from the far right side gives you the longest amount of time to catch the wasps as they emerge.

animal crossing wasps

So, you’ve encountered a wasp nest. You only have a few seconds to react.

Wasps will generally fly out of the nest as soon as it drops, but you’ll have around 2 seconds where they hover and gather overhead. Do not swing your net right away — this will waste your one opportunity to catch them, and you’ll be attacked.

Instead, try turning on the spot once and swinging. This action about matches up to the wasps’ movement, and timed correctly, will let you catch them in your net.

how to catch wasps animal crossing

Alternatively, you can also try catching the wasps by repeatedly swinging the net at the tree trunk itself — the bees will get caught between your net and the tree, and your close proximity means that you can re-swing if you miss the first time.

Wasps are hard to catch, but with patience and the right timing, it’ll be an absolute breeze.

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