Two Dudes Try And Sing A Final Fantasy Song (That Doesn't Have Words)

Your Final Fantasy VII experience begins with its haunting score, and your Tuesday is about to begin with this A cappella cover of Nobuo Uematsu's The Shinra Corporation.

It should be less intimidating since it's being performed by two dudes and not an evil corporation, but somehow, it ends up being just as oppressive. Maybe it's the flannel.

Final Fantasy VII (Nobuo Uematsu) - The Shinra Corporation [A Cappella Cover] [Youtube]


    That was awesome. Too bad they didn't dress up a bit.

      You don't like neo-Nazi metal shirt?

    Not sure if it counts if they use themselves "playing" over themselves. Because then it becomes like, 4 dudes, 2 of which are the same as the other 2.

    Still good though! I would listen to more covers by these chums. More FF7 covers preferably. Or video games! It looks like they do video games. Good work everyone.

    I loved every minute of that
    BTW - Gotta be Aussies - no-one rocks flannies like we do

    I actually know these guys, one of them I used to work with at Woolies... they are thrilled to be here on Kotaku :)

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