Dead Or Alive 5 To Feature See-Through Shirts

The Dead or Alive series has always been known for one thing: boob physics. The game's developers pride themselves on their ability to render realistic — or what they think that means — in-game breasts.

For Dead or Alive 5, the developers at Team Ninja are working on clothing that can become transparent over the course of a fight. Different clothing causes breasts to display different physics, too. For Team Ninja, these variables make character costume selection more...interesting.

Let's hope they also devoted this much time and energy to, you know, making a good game.

『デッド オア アライブ 5』早矢仕プロデューサー&新堀ディレクターインタビュー前編【よりぬきファミ通Xbox 360 6月号】 [Famitsu via トー速]


    I thought that Team Ninja said that they wanted to move away from overly sexualized female characters...?

      They also said they wanted Ninja Gaiden to be story driven...


    Do these games still sell? I mean, the gameplay is extremely dated. Is anyone really buying these for the female polygon models? I honestly don't get it. Do these developers have boners when making this shit? Sorry for the crudeness, but i just don't get the appeal of Dead or Alive. Soul Calibur was always a much better, faster fighter.

      how is the gameplay dated? it still functions like any other fighter.

      Dead or Alive 2 was pretty popular at the time, 3 was a big system mover for the Xbox and 4 did fairly well. It's been seven years since 4 so who knows? Maybe it will, maybe it won't. I'd imagine it'll do okay though, it's multi-platform and coming in at the end of a console cycle so there's a lot of potential buyers. Whether other fighters are 'better' or not isn't really important.

      Sure, I was actually playing DOA4 with a mate last night (although it certainly had been a while). For DOA's supposedly 'dated' gameplay, part of the charm is that you can pick it up and play and, just as long as you are on a similar level in your ability to be able to pick up on patterns in your opponent's play, have the option to turn it against them as long as your timing is pretty decent. No need to learn long combo strings, 1-frame links or convoluted motions combined with multiple button presses in order to pull off particular moves (2xHCF+PPP for example). Simple and elegant.

      I certainly understand the (completely daft) mentality in the fighting game community that games like DOA aren't worth the disc they've been printed on. And if I want something a little more in-depth and reliant on both knowledge, mind-games and execution, I won't go for DOA. But if I wish to play a fighting game with friends who don't invest the same amount of time into the genre as I do and wish to actually have a chance? DOA is a fantastic option.

      And really, faster doesn't necessarily equal better when it comes to fighting games. The Marvel series is much faster that most other fighting games, but is arguably (and note I say arguably; opinions and all that) inferior to a lot of them. Street Fighter X Tekken is faster than all iterations of Street Fighter IV, but even forgetting all the controversy behind it (DLC and paid gems, on-disc locked content to be sold at a later date, a feature mentioned in the 360 version's manual that isn't in the game, etc.), most people agree that it doesn't hold a candle to either Street Fighter IV (or other Street Fighter games, for that matter) or other Capcom crossover games.

      Yes! I have to ask: Do people seriously get off on these games? Because aren't there better places to get eyefuls of T&A? Not judging anyone, just fascinated as to why people would want to see digitally generated bewbs instead of the real thing, and it's not like you really see much in these games, anyway!

        umm... because 99.9 percent of naked females i see are actually real females, redtube or not... why not mix it up?! hell even hentai every now and then, not judging you, just fascinated as to why you wouldn't want to see digitally generated boobs? :)


    i see nipple def buy

    The games are decent enough to play, but it is definitely the sexualisation that sells it. I play Street Fighter or Soul Calibur instead (which themselves are starting to get seriously sexualised).

    These games are totally underrated as decent fighters. The system is solid and the sex isn't quite as exaggerated as everyone seems to think, obviously apart from the volleyball games. The DOA fighting series is both accessable and deep and they are smooth and fast and fun. The series doesn't deserve to be as derided as it is for all the boobs, like other games don't have tits that are at least as obvious.

    i remember the old DOA beach volleyball and you patched the xbox game to remove their clothes... nothing like playing some competitive beach volleyball with the naked DOA girls we have come to love.. for their awesome fighting skills that is..

    Hmm wonder if it will be censored/banned like the 3DS version had to be reclassified after release.

      That was due to the manual commenting one character was 16, wasn't it?

        Ayane is technically meant to be 16. Though IIRC its not actually mentioned in the manuals itself.

        Also the whole "posing a minor to take photos" scandal was a whole load of crap. Anyone who's played DoA:D knows that the "Showcase" feature that caused controversy is pretty much just a 3d version of the "Trophy Room" from Smash Brothers where you get a preselected "model" of your character in an action shot. So you don't even "pose" your characters. You can't really do much either besides just panning around and zooming in an out....

    2 failures in a row for team ninja: ng3 & MoM, don't make it a 3rd

    When the next beach volley ball DOA game cominig out?I dont want all this boring fighting getting in the way of my perve session.

    After Ninja Gaiden 3, I don't have high hopes for Tecmos' post Itagaki san era...

    DOA has been lol from the moment it first showed up on my PSX demo disc way back when.

    Never care much about DoA, but with VF characters, I may consider

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