Happy 25th Birthday, Animated GIF

Scourge of internet comments sections and saviour of countless rainy days, the humble animated GIF file turns 25 this year. To celebrate, here's a ton of the things compiled in a mildly nauseating video.

Note: only celebrate if you call it a "giff". If you say "jiff", don't celebrate, because there is clearly something very wrong with you, and that's hardly something to celebrate.

A 25th Anniversary GIF Mashup set to 8-bit Dubstep [PBS, via it8bit]



    That video should have been a gif.....

    What what what? im very disappointed i read that as GILFS

    Where's the dancing baby from Ally McBeal? That pretty much main-streamed 3D animation and gifs by itself. Fail.

    But wiki says that "jiff" is kind of the proper way to say it...

      Than wiki don't know squat.
      It's always been Gif! as in Gold! or Gaspatchio!


        Seems like it knows enough to me.

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