Increase Loyalty To Your Government In This Game. Or Else.

Like something out of the book 1984, The Republia Times is a small flash game that forces the player to become complicit in a government's attempt to increase public loyalty.

You are a news editor tasked with choosing stories that best function as propaganda. You need to assure the world that Everything Is OK in the country of Republia. And just to make sure you do as you're told, your wife and kids are being kept in a "safe location." So don't you go getting any funny ideas, now.

Stories taking up more space on the paper will gain more attention, and the trick is finding a balance between frivolous stories the public is interested in, and political stories that highlight positive things about Republia and its government. A good mix will give the public what they want while also raising confidence in Republia's disastrous regime.

Despite being a somewhat simple game, The Republia Times is easy to pick up and provocative — especially once you get to the twist.

Try it out here.


    For some reason that just reminded me of a game on the Amiga called Floor 13 which had you running a secret police organization in the UK. That was a pretty cool game.

      Haha I loved floor 13. My favorite bit was having one of the prince of wales sons kidnapped in front of aghast reporters.

      Then he and I had a conversation in the torture chamber...

    Wow, that twist is BRUTAL.

    Such a fascinating little game.

    Fun game, but...screw you, government.

    And screw you rebels.

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