Microsoft Responds To Reports Of Xbox Live Account ‘Jacking’

Microsoft Responds To Reports Of Xbox Live Account ‘Jacking’

Microsoft has responded to our earlier report of Xbox Live accounts being “jacked” via the “social engineering” of support staff.

Asked for comment, Microsoft has responded to Kotaku with the following:

There are several different methods malicious users employ to gain unauthorised access to accounts; social engineering is one of them. We are aware of the vulnerabilities that social engineering poses, and continue to address these through tools and training to help keep our members safe and secure.

The security of Xbox LIVE member accounts is a top priority and we continue to take aggressive steps to protect our members against ever-changing threats. This includes continually evolving our security practices and staff training to help prevent these scenarios from occurring.

On the specific examples highlighted:

We really appreciate that these issues have been raised; however, the specific examples in this article contain information that is invalid and out-of-date. We would welcome the opportunity to work directly with Ms. Taylor and the members who have contacted her with unresolved cases. We have done a considerable amount of work to resolve cases for our customers in the last several months and will be reaching out to her to provide further assistance.

And finally, advice from Microsoft on protecting your account:

Engaging in identity theft, trading in stolen accounts and committing credit card fraud is all illegal, and those involved in this activity risk criminal prosecution. The activity also violates our Terms of Use, and we are actively stepping up account and console bans for both sellers and buyers of known stolen accounts and content.

Finally, many of our security enhancements and recovery processes, should an account become stolen, are dependent upon our members being able to verify their identities using additional proofs, such as secondary email addresses, phone numbers, security questions and answers, or trusted devices. Adding strong identity proofs to an account provides multiple layers of identity verification, which can drastically reduce the incidence of identity theft and other online fraud.


  • Sounds like a cop out to me, but that’s just my opinion

    It’s always good practice to engage these additional layers of security, but unfortunately a lot of people do not

  • The PS3 isn’t superior to the XBOX. Really. Only a fanboy would say that. Last year I saw a study proving that XBOX games have 4 times the processing power and twice the resolution . Learn the research before you make ill-informed statements.

    • Learn that “4 times the processing power and twice the resolution” doesn’t make something superior in anything than those two fields.

        • Haha lol. “4 times the processing power and twice the resolution” 😛 cool story bro 😉 i think you spelled “pc” wrong there, the consoles are pretty fairly matched, yeah, they are different, but honestly… not THAT different 😛 when it comes down to it its about the quality games on each system not the badly ported multiplats and you know what? both systems have a fair share of good games 😉

          • But… Just wondering here, but what study was this? I mean, the more i think about this the more it unsettles me… I mean, dont get me wrong or anything. I AM NOT A FANBOY, but the last time i checked the ps3 and 360 were pretty even in turms of resolution and as for the processing… Well, if used PROPERLY the Cell has the potential to output nearly twice the performance than the Xenon… So were did you read this study? cos i kinda wanna check it out…

          • Figure 😛 But then again… Just cos he didn’t “Learn the research before [he made] ill-informed statements” doesn’t make him an idiot, it makes him a hypocrite. And as much as I know the hardware and the performance of both consoles… Well… It baffles me that some people actually believe stuff like that 😛 I mean, even if he means that more games say 1080p on the back of Xbox 360 boxes than ps3 boxes, well, bad news, but that is up-scaled from 720p just like the ps3 version. So yeah, the way I see I they are quite similar, a little better here and a little worse here. I mean, the way I understand it is that the ps3 is better, but its also harder to get all its power out, which pretty much puts the two on par. At least, well, that’s true with multiplats at least 😛 But im a gamer. I play games. Honestly I dont care wich console has better visuals its all about the games for me and both consoles have great games and amazing exclusives.

      • Well… he’re is my opinion on gaming. If you want a system that plays games looking good… get a PC. If you want to play online games. Get a PC. If you want to play exclusives go with Nintendo or the PS3. If you just want to play games… go with anything. Honestly, just think about it. Developers are stretched so far when they have to make games for ps3, 360 and pc. They simply cannot output games that are the same standard as exclusive titles, just due to time constraints. So they make one decent version of the game and port it every where else. So. If you want to play ‘multi-platform’ games looking good, get a pc. Consoles will not run them as well, and will most likely be sub-720p up scaled. We only see the strengths and weaknesses of hardware in exclusives. Look at Killzone and Uncharted on PS3, Crysis on PC and all the other consoles and exclusives that make their hardware shine. But in the end, making a good game is down to two things: The Developer, and how much time they have. Thats why exclusives are normally good. Because the developers have more time and skill in working with ‘their’ hardware.

    • Funny how it seems like you are also a fanboi so your statement doesn’t really mean anything at all.

      You jelly because your mum couldn’t afford to buy both consoles so you’ve constantly got to justify your decision on the internet?
      Here’s a hint: Nobody cares about your choice or any justifications that you have

        • Apparently 4 sentences is a ramble. If that’s a rant to you, you’re obviously from a generation who’s daily literacy dose is the annotations on a youtube video. I’d hate to clean up the mess from your head exploding should you one day wander into a library mistaking it for a 7 Eleven from which you wanted to buy another energy drink to keep your ADD up to speed. Hope this gigantic wall of text didn’t strain your brain.

    • To be completely fair Shadow Artiste, the Cell and the Xenon process data in Completely different ways. So different, in fact, that comparing them side-by-side is completely pointless.

      • Real gamers shouldn’t care about which console they play on. As a matter of fact, real gamers should have a pc for multiplats and one of each console for its exclusives. And if you cant afford to do that, you should want to do that and not bash the consoles you don’t have…

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