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In a feature due to be rolled out to members of the Windows Insiders program, Microsoft is unveiling "Game Mode" - a new feature designed to optimise your computer's CPU and GPU usage for video games.


Snap Mode, that gimmick on the Xbox One that let you "snap" something else onto the side of your screen while you were watching a movie or playing a game, is no more. Microsoft is ditching the feature to make the console's dash run faster.


Remember those Xbox Onesies?

Remember that stroke of marketing genius that went viral on a global scale? To the point where even EA tried to imitate it with a tone deaf Battlefield Onesie that almost every reasonable human being railed against?

That idea originated in Australia, with Microsoft Australia to be precise. And as much as I hate onesies with a powerful passion it was a world class idea.

But now Microsoft Australia is drunk with power.