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There are two things everyone should look for in a good set top box: ease of use and versatility. A set top box is terrible if the menus are a horror to navigate and you can't just plunk down after dinner and watch a movie. But it's also terrible if it can't actually play the media you want it to play when you want it to play it. Thanks to Kodi's arrival on the Xbox One this morning, the Xbox One X and Xbox One S are now the most versatile set-top boxes available.


Fresh off the back of the Click Frenzy deals, we have the big one: Black Friday. Need a console for cheap? A discount on a controller? Bargains on games? Never fear, we've got your back. Here's our list of the best tech and gaming deals you can get this Black Friday.

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Controllers matter, especially if you're making the shift from console gaming, where choice is limited, to PC gaming, where the only thing stopping you from grabbing a specific controller is money. But while every controller is trying to give you an edge, some do a better job than others. Some feel more comfortable, some allow you to do more, and some just look cooler. So I spent the last few weeks playing a lot of video games to find the very best controller you can buy.

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In simpler times, you handed your friend a controller and played multiplayer games on your couch. Now? It's all about online. To play against real humans on Xbox, you need an Xbox Live Gold subscription. That costs money.

However, in the wake of Click Frenzy and the upcoming Black Friday sales, Microsoft have slashed the price on 3-Month Gold subscriptions.


The Xbox One X is a box filled with powerful components that's designed to do the same thing as a box with less powerful components, only a little bit better. That's a weird place for the "world's most powerful console" to be.


Every generation of consoles has its ‘default’.

Sometimes that default is difficult to define, other times it’s clear as day.

PlayStation 2: default. Obviously.

Super Nintendo? Probably default. A close run race. Plenty had Mega Drives. Blood in the playgrounds that one. A dark time for the empire.

PlayStation 1. Default.

Xbox 360. Default.


Designing a game that manages to be both tough and fun is a difficult task, but Cuphead designers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, along with the rest of StudioMDHR, managed to pull it off. I spoke with the two brothers over the phone to learn about boss design, cut concepts, and life after a successful indie game.


Microsoft has brought its multiplayer pirate game down to PAX this year but you won't find it on the show floor. Instead, the demos are housed in the Polly Woodside -- the actual tallship bobbing in the river next to the Melbourne Convention Center. If you want to get your hands on Sea Of Thieves, you'll have to head belowdecks...