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Last month Huawei laptops disappeared from the Australian and U.S. Microsoft stores without an official explanation.

In fact, the company remained completely quiet regarding the removal.

What was clear was that it was a reaction to Donald Trump's executive order that banned U.S. companies from supplying equipment to overseas companies that had been declared a national security risk.

Well, now they've reappeared. And Microsoft has finally broken its silence.


I’ve been a casual player of both Minecraft and of the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, so when Minecraft Earth was announced as an augmented reality version of Minecraft, I was curious. There’s a lot to Minecraft, so I was sceptical that the entire game could be scaled to a touchscreen experience on your phone.

After playing a demo today at E3, I can tell that the game is going to ruin my life. You can scale everything about Minecraft into a phone-sized game, and it’s a marvel.


Back in 1999, we all thought that the Blair Witch Project was real and we definitely didn’t think about video game tie-ins. But that’s what we have. Blair Witch was announced today at the 2019 E3 press conference. There’s a missing kid and a loyal dog, and hopefully plenty of scares.


The first details on a powerful new Xbox console, release dates for anticipated games like Cyberpunk 2077, and another developer acquired by Xbox Game Studios led Microsoft’s packed slate of announcements for its E3 briefing on Sunday.