Something Brutal Happens Before Watchmen On The Cover On Minutemen #3

As controversial as it's been, DC Comics' upcoming prequel to the Watchmen hold have also piqued the interest of comics fans everywhere. The book I'm most looking forward to is Minutemen, written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. The lives of the first generation of costumed heroes — who were in a team called the Minutemen — in the Watchmen universe were only hinted at in the original masterpiece and this series will show more of their adventures.

Kotaku's got an exclusive reveal of the cover for Minutemen #3 and it looks like the spotlight is on the Garbo-esque heroine called Silhouette. She might not make it to the end of the book alive, though. Minutemen #3 comes out this August.


    Looks like she fell on a doorknob, and then fell on a bullet!

    Killing off the most interesting character in the Minutemen == wut

    Wait they're making a prequel?!

    Alan Moore would be turning over in his grave (if he was dead... and not rasputin).

    doesnt she get sliced up by anti-homo activists?

      In the movie it appears that way. In the comic it "appears" at the end of chapter 2 in an excerpt of "Under the Hood", the fictional biography of Nite Owl 1. It reads, "In 1946, the papers revealed that the Silhouette was living with another woman in a lesbian relationship. Schexnayder [Silk Spectre's agent] persuaded us to expel her from the group, and six weeks later she was murdered, along with her lover, by one of her former enemies."

      I haven't been following the Minutemen comic - so I'm not sure when it's set, or how many issues it's supposed to be; but Silhouette's death is part of the "end" of the Minutemen. Dollar Bill gets shot not long afterwards and the Sally Jupiter leaves to marry her agent. So unless the comic is about the slow decline of the Minutemen - rather than the cool, action packed adventures against Moloch, etc - then I doubt she dies.

    This promises to be as deep, entertaining and as well written as the Star Wars prequels.

    Not every backstory needs to be told.

    i say this as im excited over prometheus but i f*****ng hate prequels with a passion.

    Sometimes there needs to be mystery and there is no point telling a story in greater detail we already know..... sometimes not knowing every exact detail helps make the story after it better.

    Prequels and remakes. Scource and Pillage.

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