The Real Optimus Prime Is A Fall Of Cybertron Preorder Bonus

The Real Optimus Prime Is A Fall Of Cybertron Preorder Bonus
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How the mighty have fallen. Once the proud leader of the Autobots, an instantly recognisable hero in either of his iconic forms, and now he’s a mere preorder bonus. Not just that; he’s a retailer exclusive preorder bonus. Now who will light our darkest hour?

Don’t say Rodimus. He doesn’t count.

The G1 Retro pack is a GameStop exclusive preorder bonus for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, giving players access to the most noble ‘bot there ever was in both online multiplayer and singleplayer game modes. Preorder customers will be able to effortlessly shift between statuesque robot and the semi that never goes out of style, no matter what Michael Bay thinks.

I mean just look at that. I want one.

The G1 Retro pack also includes the Megatron Gun and Shockwave Blast Cannon, two single player weapons inspired by two alternate modes children today are too coddled to appreciate.

So it’s GameStop or nothing, right? Wait, you haven’t seen this yet:

It’s Transformers Generation Two Bruticus in all his Day-Glo glory. The second generation of Transformers toys used the original molds but made the characters hideously ugly to differentiate them from the original good ones.

Disco Bruticus is available for the singleplayer pleasure of preorder customers.

So it’s GameStop or nothing, right?


  • I still have the G2 Bruticus. Loved the crap out of that toy and I don’t care what anyone says about the purple camo.

    These bonuses better be on sale as DLC later, because I hate the very concept of preorder bonuses. So tempted though 🙁

    • Going by the War for Cybertron pre-order bonuses, we’ll either get all of these through EB preorders here, or they’ll all be made available soon after launch.

    • Include an actual transformer in the collectors edition? I would buy it in a heartbeat haha. Still going to be a day one buy just for the dinobots though.

  • I liked it better when this shit was just an option you could earn as a cheat by being good at the game. Or having a code.

    • Well, we’re the EU store, so less people. Plus, you won’t be the only one who thought of that, and only a few of the codes sold for that much. The price dropped to $10 after the first 3.

  • Haven’t seen any bonus content being offered with the game here in Australia.
    Hopefully someone remedies this with either DLC or EA/JB Hifi getting onto local distributors to get it done.

  • G1 Retro pack for aus ps3 code not actually working for me, either some prick who works wher I bought it stole the code first or they are not working :@
    Anyone else with this issue?

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