The Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Teaser Knows Exactly What I Want

The Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Teaser Knows Exactly What I Want

I don’t need to see Optimus Prime or Megatron. They can save the large scale battles for future trailers. Hell, I don’t even need colour. Just give me Grimlock and I’m good.

All I really know about the next Transformers game from the developers of War for Cybertron is that combiners might make an appearance, the plot sounds eerily similar to the previous game, and it’s got Grimlock. That last bit alone is enough for me to forgive the seemingly repeating plot and the fact that Cybertronian Grimlock is somehow a dinosaur. If it really bugged me that much I would have complained about Trypticon in the last one, but that prehistoric bird has flown.

So, anyone else sold already?


  • I wonder if he’s on Decepticons or Autobots side. Maybe it will be like Star Wars and he starts off neutral and it all depends which way you decide to go.

  • He’s not a tank, he’s not a Rig, he’s a Dinosaur? I formerly accept that as an apology for Bayformers 3 the game.

  • Of course grimlock is a dinosaur, did you never see the orginal cartoon? He and the other dino bots were made on earth to counter the constructa cons (don’t know how to spell it).

    • Yeah, if the dinobots are in that means the rumoured combiner is probably the contstructocons. Which is a shame because the stunticons and aerobots are fairly awesome. Especially the aerobots.

  • considering how shit the last ten years of transformers media has been I have absolutely zero faith that this product will be any good.

    I watched Transformers 3 and was so glad I did not waste real dollars (not that there worth much these days) on that shit.

    I say we burn every single transformer game/movie/merch made in the last ten years in a volcano, along with Michael Bay and any other idiot that wants to put their name to this blasphemy.

    Then we send Hollywood to re-education camps to watch all of the original transformers series (including the original movie, and games) till the get it in their thick heads what Transformers is really about.

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