Whatever You Do, Don't Buy Counter-Strike On The iPhone

Just in case you weren't put off by the lack of any kind of mention of Valve Software, advance warning of the game's arrival or the complaints demanding their money back, if you see a game called Counter Strike on the App Store, don't spend $US2 on it.

Unless you enjoy being ripped off by fraudulent scamsters. In which case, who am I to tell you how to spend your money?

Counter Strike [App Store, thanks unexpect3rd!]


    This is a terrible article, if one may even call it that. It states a contention without providing any explanation or backing what so ever.

    Okay, sure, you've told us not to buy this. How about mentioning why that is the case? What makes it so bad that it's not worth $2? Despite it being not from valve, if it's a working emulated version of CS or a rip off game that is similar, yet fun, I don't see why it should be avoided.. (let them worry about their legal disputes themselves)

      Couldn't agree more. There is an actual working port of CS for android phones - http://www.redmondpie.com/counter-strike-now-available-on-android-via-unofficial-port/

      So it's entirely plausible for this game to be similar to that one. Charging money for it is pretty scumbag though.

      Just more evidence of Luke's horrible journalism. Move along

      According to the comments in the link provided, and the use of the term "fraudulent scamsters", it is indeed not what it appears to be. I'm happy with this level of information.

    It's a warning to at least think twice before buying what could very well be a non-working game or even worse scam.

    How much journalism needs to be done for that?

      Perhaps a bit of investigative journalism? $2 to buy it and report on what it does, and write the $2 off as a business expense. Time spent on article thus increases from one minute.

        But why give these frauds more money they don't deserve?

    on 'the' iPhone? What up grandpa

    Oh right, ANOTHER Luke bashing article... this is so boring now
    What else did you want him to write - I was able to pick up that it was a real version of CS and it was being advertised by some fraudsters as such - are some of you really that stupid you cant interpret the article, or is it really just an excuse to Luke bash? Of which I thought that boat sailed months ago,


        well, i havent been on kotaku much lately. so im unaware of this luke bashing.

        but commenting on why the game was bad is what the article needs. calling them fraudulent scamsters could be due to the game not actually being CS (but could still be fun and worthwhile for $2), being a port sold without permission from valve.

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