11 Year-old Boy Steals Three Grand To Buy In-Game Gear

Police in Xianning County have found culprit responsible for stealing more than 20,000 RMB or approximately $US3141 US from a woman in Xianning City. The culprit as it turns out was an 11 year-old boy.

11 year-old "Cheng's" reasoning behind the theft was because he wanted to play online games and buy in-game items.

The woman, surname Li, realised on the morning of the 26 that more than 20,000 RMB was gone. She had hid the money underneath her bed. Distraught from losing all her money, Li went and called the police.

After a quick investigation the police profiled the suspect as someone close to Li, some one so close that they would have the key to her residence. Looking over everyone around Li, the police fingered Li's landlord's son Cheng.

Subjugated to a gruelling 5 hour interrogation of persuasion, Cheng finally admitted that he stole the money from Li. He also revealed that he had already spent about $US266 on in-game equipment for online games. Cheng said that he only stole the money because his allowance wasn't enough for him to buy equipment online. After seeing Li stashing her cash underneath her bed a few times, Cheng decided to "borrow" some.

The details of the case according to the police show that after deciding to steal the money, Cheng devised a way to enter Li's residence. While his mother was on the second floor playing cards, Cheng secretly stole the key to Li's place. After stealing the cash and stashing the bulk of it underneath a brick in an abandoned building, Cheng proceeded to spend his ill gotten gain.

Police are currently trying to figure a way for Li to reclaim all of her lost assets.

11岁小学生为买网游装备盗窃2.2万元 [NetEase]

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    What a retard. Who the fuck spends that much on a video game? This kid needs to play some sport OR SOMETHING else.

    Though i have to admit, its always interesting hearing about kids stealing shit

    Not retarded, but a perfect example of whom these games are targeted at. Making your player base feel as antsy as Nicole Ritchie without her vicodin if they dont have >insert random pixel object here< is these games bread and butter. No wonder children, who's morals are already elastic, will turn to theft and lies to feed their desires. After all, a successful cash shop is the sign of a well designed game from a business perspective isnt it?

    those are average costs of getting end game gear in most f2p mmos. i knew some ppl who spend upwards of 20k on an armor set. (pwi)

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