7 Comics That Will Inspire Your Inner Hero This Week

Let's meet the sequential art that'll be draining your wallet this week. Be sure to chime in with the books you'll be picking up or that you think everybody should be ready in the comments.

The Massive #1 I raved about this quiet, sea-faring post-apocalyptic comic a few weeks ago and double-encourage everyone It's rare to see the end of the world rendered in fresh ways and the Massive achieves exactly that. Go pick it up and get pulled into its undertow.

Batman and Robin #10 I like the current Robin — Batman's son Damien Wayne — quite a lot but also enjoyed the adventures of his predecessors for different reasons, since they each brought something different to the role of the Boy Wonder. Now a new storyline in this father-and-son Bat-book brings all of the former Robins together, which should be great for highlighting the personality differences in each boyish, dark-haired crimefighter.

DC Comics Presents Superman Adventures #1 Back before Mark Millar exclusively wrote movie pitches masquerading as comics projects, he turned out a stellar run of Superman comics tied to the then-airing cartoon show. These stories show a keen understanding of what made Superman work across multiple eras and then creates a fusuion that both kids and adults can enjoy. Whatever happened to this Millar? I miss him.

Mysterious Ways Time was, new THQ president Jason Rubin had left Naughty Dog and was taking a break from the games business. He tried out comics writing for a bit and this supernatural thriller is one of the things Rubin created. Who knows, this may wind up becoming a video game from THQ?

Spider-Men #1 In celebration of Spider-Man's 50th anniversary, Marvel's bringing the web-slingers of two realities together. This should be good since the writer on the project is Brian Bendis, one of Marvel's chief architects and the man behind the Ultimate version of Spider-Man. The challenge here is to make Mile Morales seem as appealing as Peter Parker even though he's a total noob at being a spidey-hero. With Sara Pichelli's great art bringing the thing to life, this should be an enjoyable read.

Daredevil, Volume 2 This second collection of the great ongoing series by writer Mark Waid and a series of artists showcases one of my favourite things about this Daredevil. Sure, Matt Murdock pulls off the blind superheroics with flair but it's the moments when he inspires the heroism that can happen in the real world — helping others stand up to injustice — that really make this book shine. There's plenty of that in here so grab this one if you don't already have these issues.

Deathlok: The Living Nightmare of Michael Collins This hardcover collects the stellar work of the late Dwayne McDuffie, Gregory Wright and Denys Cowan on Marvel's military cyborg hero. In this interpretation of Deathlok, the mind of pacifist scientist Michael Collins gets trapped inside the death-dealing machine and he has to deal with the alienation and manipulation that comes with the ordeal. The storylines here served as sharp allegories for race relations and still managed to be strong adventure stories, to boot. Great stuff by one of my favourite writers ever.


    Might have to check out SpiderMen I like Bendis he writes really well and spiderman is cool and spidish

    All the robins, you know, except for Steph.. :(

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