Great Moments In Gaming Humour: A Romantic Evening With Barret Wallace

Cloud Strife has it tough. Not only does he have to help prevent the end of the world, he's got to do it while juggling the affections of three women and one incredibly manly man.

Who should Cloud choose? The strong and independent Tifa? The mysterious and innocent Aeris? The mischievous Yuffie? Or will he instead set his eyes on the most distant prize, winning the hand (singular) of Final Fantasy VII's gun-armed Mr T impersonator?

Earning a date at the Golden Saucer with Mr Barret Wallace is the hardest of all four dates to achieve, and what does Cloud get out of it? Barret accuses him of being a pedophile and then shoots at fireworks. That's men for you.


    Oh man that music sends chills up my spine. the COUNTLESS hours of hearing it racing Chocobo..... god damned 'knights of the round'.

    Such a fucking awesome game.

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