In-Game Floating Glitches Made "Real"

You've seen it: game character driving around in invisible cars or riding invisible horses. They're glitches, and before they're patched, they're funny.

While not necessarily the intent, a playful series of photos by Chinese artist Zhao Huasen look like real world glitches. Commuters float on invisible bikes through the streets. The pictures are from a few years back, and the last thing they need now is a patch.

Floating [Faith is Torment via Geyser of Awesome via PetaPixel via MIC]

(Photos: Feizi Gallery)


    Really slow news day...

      Just Ashcraft being Ashcraft.


    The invisible bicycles isn't the interesting part of these photographs its why the hell does no one in China wear helmets!

      Invisible helmets maybe?

      because if you actually pay attention to the road, you don't really need a helmet. The incompetent are weeded out through serious injury and death.

    " The pictures are from a few years back "

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