I've Been Playing The Bastard Son Of Minecraft And Halo

StarForge is quite the thing. Fire it up and you think it's a shooter. Run around and you find there's nothing to shoot. Go to switch weapons and...oh. Oh.

See, StarForge isn't really a shooter. It's a shooting sandbox. You're dropped in a randomly-generated world with not just a gun, but an invisible space shovel that lets you alter the terrain around you. You've also got an invisible space forklift and toolbox, letting you lay down various crates and construction materials, as well as the ability to magically generate turrets and spinning death traps.

The idea being, you create your own insane Starship Troopers moments. Dig yourself a bastion, lay down defences, draw your gun then hit 0 to start spawning monsters. Which means it's on.

Because the game runs on Unity, it's pretty basic, and because it's so early in development it's rough as hell (as you'll see from my skydiving sequence in the video above). But for a game that's been made by two guys, it's at least ambitious enough to warrant a try, especially since later versions are looking to include a lot more features, bad guys, terrains and construction options (as you'll see in the trailer to your left).

StarForge [Official Site]


    That sounds... cool!

    It may sound strange but i LOVE skate 3's build-a-park feature and it's the reason I don't really like minecraft a whole lot, because it feels like it's missing something. In minecraft you can build whatever you want but then that's it, you're only limited by your imagination, but also by the materials and your ability to interact with them. There's nothing wrong with that (hell Notch has made enough money to show that people dig it. Pun intended), it's just from my perspective it seems to lack something.

    I love the skate games, and the thing i love about the build-a-park feature is that you can create your own world AND THEN FRICKIN SKATE IT. I love that I can play city planner/architect and create city plazas with huge stair sets and rails and crazy bowls and snake runs and whatever else comes to mind out of a bunch of blocks, but then i get to go in there and skate every single bit of it, perfectly tweaking it so the gaps and lead ups are just right. I spent many an hour crafting away in my own little skate-craft way and i think it's a two fold reward, the act of creating something precise and measured and gaining reward and satisfaction from that, but also then being able to interact with my creation in a whole other way, by shredding the hell out of it.

    That's why the idea of THIS game is intriguing to me, not only does it have a minecraft style create whatever you want sandbox approach, but then you get to go into that world you've created and USE IT and interact with it in a different context, which gives even more weight to overall experience.

    Forgive the rant, I'm bored at work and it's friday afternoon.

    + 1!

    You summed up exactly why I am not a fan of minecraft as well.

    I think you crashed their store with a sudden influx of views :P

    looks awesome!

    this needs a kickstarter.

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