Jeremy Lin, No Longer A Knick, Wearing His New/Old Uniform Thanks To NBA 2K

Whatever the reason — his ethnicity, his team, his alma mater or the time of the year — Jeremy Lin became an overnight superstar for the New York Knicks back in February. Not bad for a guy rated 56 overall when NBA 2K12 released.

It got him a "ridiculous" contract offer in limited free agency, which the Knicks will not match, reports the New York Times. The club had until tonight to do so or say goodbye.

Lin therefore is off to the Houston Rockets — a team that briefly employed him in the strange preseason leading up to the strike-shortened 2011-2012 season. In NBA 2K12, which released in October, Lin was on the Golden State Warriors in the on-the-disc roster. Golden State waived him on the first day of training camp in December 2012. From there he went to Houston, from Houston to New York, from New York to stardom and now back to Houston. Here's a look at the point guard in his new/old uniform in NBA 2K12.


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