Razer Has A Fancy New Keyboard And VERY Fancy New Mouse

Razer today took the wraps off a few new products, including several models of its BlackWidow line of mechanical keyboards and a mouse that looks, and moves, like an evil Transformer.

The first keyboard is the BlackWidow Ultimate 2013, going on sale next month and costing $US130. Razer says the improvements include "green backlighting and an anti-fingerprint matte black finish", as well as "improved anti-ghosting which supports up to 10 simultaneous key presses in gaming mode".

The regular BlackWidow has been refreshed as well, as has the BlackWidow Tournament Edition, both of which also go on sale in August and will cost $US100 and $US80 respectively.

The Ouroboros, meanwhile, is a mouse that looks to do much the same thing as Cyborg's R.A.T.7, only with a less lethal design and slightly slicker implementation.

It's also ambidextrous, if you're into that kind of devilry.

With 11 programmable buttons and 12 hours battery life (it's wireless), it'll cost $US130 when it's released in Q4 of this year.


    Looks like Optimus's left testicle.....

      ..but i do want!

        You can swap over to his right one if you're bothered by it :P

    I don't need these... but I want them.

    A G9-esk, wireless mouse not made by Saitek! Day 1 purchase for me!

    The keyboard is the same as the Blackwidow Ultimate i have just with a different lighting to be honest. However the mouse is alright if you're into those sort of things.

    I have the BlackWidow Ultimate, best keyboard I've ever used. I don't think I can go back to non-mechanical. On another note, I think I've found my G9X replacement :)

    Mouse looks like batman's tumbler

      I was going to say it reminds me of some sort of futuristic hover tank.

    I wonder if the BlackWidow one will have a stealth edition like last time... cuz they can get very loud if your typing

      hopefully yes! currently typing with my standard BlackWidow and oh it gets loud at night, Stealth edition would be very welcomed! :)

        I used to live in a share house that had 3 people with these keyboards all in the one room.

        The racket was amazing!

      Razer has confirmed on Facebook today that the new BlackWidow tournament will have a stealth edition.

    Most excited for the matte finish on the BlackWidow, the one I'm using right now is a dust magnet, especially in the area between the navigational and arrow keys.

    I like the Razer hardware its just the software that annoys the hell out of me.
    I had a naga mouse, and it would check for updates every day and when it found out it would automatically install if you wanted it to or not, and while it was installing you couldn't use the mouse.
    At least let me choose when to friggin update. and the BS of wanting an account to sign into. its a mouse not ebay.

    LOL...wanna copy the RAT 9 anymore

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