Gwen Stefani's Band Is Still Angry About Guitar Hero, Still Plans To Sue Activision

Activision may have dusted its hands of Guitar Hero, Band Hero and everything else from that played-out lead mine, but lawsuits from upset pop stars continue. No Doubt, featured in Band Hero, still plans on taking Activision to trial, saying the publisher has illegitimately delayed the lawsuit and made insulting settlement offers.

No Doubt, an act comprising Gwen Stefani and some dudes no one can name, sued Activision because Band Hero turned them into "a virtual karaoke circus act", performing other artists' songs and even — gasp — "secretly" hiring actors to perform dance moves no one in the band had ever done before. The complaint mimics that of renowned widow Courtney Love, upset that Kurt Cobain and Nirvana performed non-Kurt Cobain and Nirvana songs in Guitar Hero 5.

"We don't licence the use of our songs and our appearances for free," No Doubt's lawyer-mans told GameSpot. "Here, we licensed No Doubt's appearance for three songs, but Activision instead used it in 63 unpermitted songs." Activision claims the use was allowable under the terms of the contract signed back in 2009.

Asked what the band seeks from the lawsuit, he said, "Ideally they would like Activision to apologise and promise to never mistreat artists in the manner they have mistreated No Doubt and countless others." Given the death of the Hero music franchise more than 18 months ago, I think that statement really translates to: "a shitload of money."

No Doubt attorney speaks out against Activision in Band Hero suit [GameSpot]

Image: AP


    What ever happened to Gwen Stefani? Haven't really heard about her in years.

      She's popping out babies and doing the family thing apparently.

        And has no apparently run out of money so she wants a quick fix by suing Activision.

          Such a stupid complaint. And seriously, it's good exposure if they're in multiple songs. What a bunch of ass-holes.

            and activision arent assholes ?? Heuhheuh

      She's with no Doubt again. They brought out a song a couple of weeks ago, its meh.

    I think No Doubt are definitely in the right here.

    Think about that absolutely terrible Star Wars kinect dancing game. George Lucas got another swimming pool of cash to use Scrooge McDuck style for allowing Han Solo to dance.

    Why can't No Doubt get paid for the same thing?

      There's no way to tell who is in the right without actually seeing the contracts they signed.

    From what I recall, they *assumed* that they would only appear in their songs? It's not actually part of the contract? I'll side with whatever the contract says, if you don't want to be an unlockable character then it should be said up front.

      ^ This. So many times working at GE Money I would tell people READ YOUR CONTRACT. I always read terms and conditions. *always*. She should have. She doesn't have a leg to stand on.

        What ever happened to the GE Money Genie?

          Hahahaha. Oh man we used to get asked that all the time. I guess he got rubbed the wrong way ;)

          But seriously, worst advertising campaign ever... or one of lol.

          He got sued because this logo looked too similar to Hallmark's logo (gift cards)

    Did anybody else hear Bill Pullman in Spaceballs during that last sentence?

    Listen! We're not just doing this for money!

    We're doing it for a sh*tload of money!

      Bahahah! You win the internetz just for today sir!!!!

    As Stephen Colbert would say "Give me your money please. *Holds hand out while opening and closing it rapidly*". That's basically what this is about. They should use the band members of No Doubt in Black Ops 2 instead of Anonymous. They can be the leaders of a terrorist organization that releases bad news and demands high prices for them to go away. Your squad would will have no other option than go after these fends and put them in Guantanamo so they can never bother anyone ever again.

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