Somebody Has Already Hit Level 80 In Guild Wars 2

According to a report at MMO Culture, a French gamer named Surfeuze has already hit the Guild Wars 2 level cap of 80. (See the lower-left of the screenshot above.) Yep: Someone has maxed out a character before the game has even been officially released.

Surfeuze pulled off this feat largely through crafting, using guild-provided materials to quickly fly through the ranks. Man. I am currently level 11. In other news, some people play MMOs differently than other people.

Guild Wars 2 — First level 80 player spotted [MMO Culture via Massively]


    DAmn thats fast ... now watch as they gripe that no endgame is available

      PVP, massive events and multiple difficulties of each dungeon.

    I like it how Guild Wars 2 doesn't actually encourage you to go about power leveling to the level cap, there really isn't much incentive to do so. You can take your time leveling, even going back to the starting areas to get experience and explore as the game bumps you down to that level so the rewards still feel the same as if you were at your normal level.

    Getting to 80 would kind of feel like a ' what do I do now' kind of moment. Me? I'm taking my time and am enjoying every minute of it.

      Yeah, but when it comes to MMOs there's this stigma attached to getting "first". You'll see it again with the new WoW expansion. I guess in part it's a way for gamers and guilds/clans/what-have-you's to gain some spotlight; that allows them to maybe seek sponsorship and move into endgame progression, pvp competitions, etc.

        Not for a game like GW2 which has the same level progression per level.

    My girlfriends brother is already 40 he said cooking skill really helps you level up

      It really does. I gained half a level just from making my first 10 rolls of dough.

      Though cooking is an expensive skill to level. Especially in terms of karma.

    Im level 1 cause I keep re-rolling to figure out my favorite race/class combo haha

    I really don't see the point in fast tracking to get to the level cap. What a waste of time. How about enjoying and playing the game?

      I agree. Speeding through the game like this is a silly idea in my opinion.
      Not only will you have missed a TON of really great content, but now you are at the end and there is no one there with you.

        My thoughts exactly.

        To each their own...

        I personally don't enjoy speeding through content but in GW2 how can you moss a ton of content?
        you scale back down to the level of the content... so even if you are lvl80 you can do the lvl1 content as if you are a lvl1..

    sob i need uni to end so i can justify purchasing this and spending ages playing...

    They said levelling would always be the same amount of time, the game is geared around playing in any area, doing events and hard sections of dungeons.

    Personally, I think if you're already at that level, you're doing it wrong. Slow down, enjoy yourself; it's not about "omg must get to endgaem for teh good contentz", which is one of the main reasons I started it.
    As an aside, is it easier to level in high-pop worlds? I chose a low-pop world, and am having trouble finding content to get past level seven... Less people == less events == less experience, maybe? Or maybe I just need to start a profession asap...

      most of the events run regardless of the number of people. I'll admit its quite hard with a lower pop, but even in the 15-25 zones which are largely empty.

    These types of players are usually fat losers that mmo 8 hours a day and don't have a job. Or do have a job and still mmo 8 hrs a day...

      Wow, what an assumption that was. The Head start was over the weekend, so this person most like just played all weekend.

    I love that crafting helps so much in leveling as i hated doing crafting back in WoW but enjoying it here. Already 60 Armorsmith and 30 Weaponsmith (note: Do not choose 2 things that require the same materials if your planning on fast leveling through crafting) Level 20 atm myself.

    People do realise he doesn't have to play that character all the time right?
    He/she wanted to say they were the first to level 80. Nothing stopping them from going back and playing through on another character at a more leisurely pace until more of the server catches up.

    I gotta admit.. I've been playing GW2 just for a friends sake, and it's been a very disinteresting process for me. I think it's because I've played Tera.. other mmo's can't compare in terms of combat sadly, the only thing that comes close is Divine Wars I think... I'm not sure if that was the right game or not.

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