Mega Man Fans, You Might Not Want To Watch This

Mega Man fans, if this doesn't show you how little Capcom now thinks of its once-great franchise, you aren't just living in Denial, you're the town mayor.

This is the first trailer for Rockman X Over, the iOS game the publisher is using to "celebrate" the character's 25th birthday. The only way this is a "celebration" is if the Blue Bomber lives in a world like Logan's Run, and his 25th birthday is his last before a merciful death.


    Only Megaman games I played were the Zero games and ZX. Couldn't finish Zero without cheating or using easy mode, but I got pretty far in ZX. Really good games, shame there aren't any new ones.

    Oh wow, it's right there in the title. Rockman is over...

    Megaman X was one amazing series.Watching it evolve from it's roots on SNES to the unbelievable heights it reached on PSX was one hell of a journey... now seeing it end with this is just a huge disappointment.

    Capcom has been pissing on the Megaman series for years. Why stop now?

    There was like... 1 second of gameplay in the whole clip??????? How about we judge it when we see the whole product?

      You are missing the point. For the 25th anniversary of one of their most successful and beloved franchises they didn't try harder than an iOS game that seems like a mere cash-in for nostalgic/starved fans. What the author of the article is trying to say it's that such a thing is telling of how little the company thinks of the franchise when -given the chance or excuse to release a serious attempt at resuscitating it- they chose to whip up a quick, almost risk-less product.

        I didnt need the ios game to tell me that. Ive been playing since part 1; the original and watched its downhill slide since

    its on the iOS how much more fail can it get?

      Windows Phone OS. PSP. Atari Jaguar. The list goes on.

    I have no idea what they are saying I can't read Japanese.

    And since we don't know a thing about this it's a pretty pointless post. It's an IOS game? That's the sum of knowledge? It looks like it shares some Elements from the different but enjoyable (and easier) Gamecube Megaman Network Transmissions which combined traditional Megaman gaming with Deck building for power use and some story about having to send an Avatar into all sorts of systems to fix them.

    Or it could be a new version of the Card based low action Megaman games from the GBA and DS.

    Yep. The title says it all. Rockman Xover = Rockman's Over. :-(

    Skinnerbox Megaman... no 2D game should be below the standard set by Rayman Origins.

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