BioShock Infinite Brings You The Beast America Has To Offer

Here is "The Beast of America", the latest trailer BioShock Infinite has to offer, going live moments ago on Facebook. Supposedly stitched together according to fan preference (I voted to see Songbird, Zeppelins and Handyman in the trailer's Facebook promotion) it's 100 per cent in-game footage.

The opening looks somewhat familiar, if only momentarily. Handyman features prominently throughout, with a brief visual mention of Elizabeth helping you in combat. And you may fly the menacing skies on the skyline once more. Soak it up and argue what it all means. So I got one out of three right.

BioShock Infinite arrives on Februbaby 26.

YouTube video uploaded by Machinima


    I have been so keen for this since it was announced. February is going to hurt my bank account.

    Can't wait for februbaby!

    Februbaby is my favourite month!

    Assassins Creed and Hitman first guys. no getting ahead of your self. lol

    and just like that, I'm stupidly excited again. Goddamn I want this more than any other game ever, it looks so damn sexy

    Meh. Bioshock again. Almost to a tee.

    I'm not really keen to play the same game with different setting, characters and that's it.

    Give me some originality! They're making these games to a template and whilst admittedly enjoyable, i want something new.

      While I totally get what you're saying, you're asking for originality here when the alternatives are.... hmmmm.

      Bioshock's strongest feature has always been the setting. Its through the setting and environment that 90% of the story is told. And they have given us a brand new original setting which so far looks as interesting and compelling as Rapture. It looks amazing and I am excite. If you want groundbreaking gameplay innovations look elsewhere (but you might be looking for a real long time).

      You make some good points my friends.

      I recently played Dishonored and whilst good, it too was pretty similar to what we've seen before.

      So far, my favourite game in this genre is Deus Ex- Human Revolution. I just dug every second of that one.

      But maybe I played bioshock (1&2) too many times. I'm just not keen for more of the same.

      But yes, Excellent points that cannot be argued with.'ve been doing a media blackout on this game since the reveal trailer.

    Oh hell yes! The ultimate, maxiumum, epic, collectors songbird edition looks boner-riffic.

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