Even EA Couldn't Kill This Japanese Dating Game

A few years back, EA (of Japan!) was slated to publish to publish a Nintendo DS game dubbed Hachi Koi in which you touch various girls. It was the least EA game EA was ever to release. But by 2009, EA got cold feet — or something — and the game was shelved.

Fast forward to October 1. Hachi Koi resurfaced on iOS and Android as a free-to-download dating game that not only looks different from its DS version, it also looks ready to nickel and dime players with in-game items. But, hey, at least it lives. I guess.

ニューロン・エイジ、iPhone/Android「はち恋」配信 [Game Impress Watch via 2ch]

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    This is EA we're talking about,
    They probably didn't want to publish it cause it didn't have online support or 5 layers of DLC

    lol there's a fat one

    Ipad... touch screen... touch girls..... free download... !!!!

    When we get downloadable skillpacks ala The Matrix, Japanese is the first I will buy so I can play these games since they refuse to make them in the language I read. >

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