Marriage Is A Sacrament (and Also An 800-Point Achievement)


    Achievement unlocked: Kiss a pig.

      shepardur mum I said thanks for helping me unlock that one

    Oh yeah also Luke you are a hack and should probably give up writing.

      Thanks! Should I put "At request of DeeDee" on my resignation notice? Or would you rather remain the anonymous straw that broke my camel's back?

    800 points? Yeah if i had to put it in her, i'd expect at least 750 points for the achievement "Give it to a fatty"

    All quality comments.

    I usually give Luke Plunkett heaps of shit, but I'm actually glad I got to see this... I think it's awesome.

    Surely we can do better than a bunch of nasty comments about this.

    How about having a go at the other achievements necessary to get the 100% in this "game"?

    good on them for getting married and as for the haters I'm sure you are all the epitome of beautiful

    Well, at least they are happy, unlike some jerks commenting on this article. They'll probably be happier than any of you jerks ever will deserve to be.

    I'm getting married on Saturday I would love to get one of them signs it would be awesome

    I'm wondering how many of the people posting rude comments above are married, i'm going to guess none.

    While personally this is a bit too nerdy for me, good for them.

      i'd say you could take a stab and say they're stupid teenagers? or just immature arseholes? either way... boo to the comments, LOL to the sign... good on them

    Xbox is hardly "nerd"

      Yes it is, I know these things.

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