Oh Wow, There's Going To Be A Video Game Based On Underbelly

When one says the words 'bloody-oath-strewth that was a gripping Aussie drama', you may assume that one is talking about the latest series of Underbelly — a show that does a decent job of telling stories from the Australian criminal underworld. But now, believe it or not, there is actually an Underbelly video game in the works.

It's a mobile game — for iOS, Android and mobile devices — and it's apparently a strategic game of tactics, a stylised version of cops and robbers.

It's called Underbelly: Skirmish and will be produced by digital production company The Project Factory.

"The intense drama of the award-winning Underbelly television series is a natural extension into the gaming platform arena," said Jennifer Wilson, from The Project Factory.

"We have been delighted to work with Screentime and bring our digital and social TV expertise to create a new level of engagement for the loyal Underbelly audience.

"We wanted the game to appeal to Underbelly fans, but also to the broader game-playing audiences worldwide."

The game itself will cost $1.99 for iPhone and $2.99 for iPad, but also promises to feature in-app purchases that allow you to take shortcuts. Yep, it's one of those games.

Just so you're prepared for the horror, we thought we'd remind you what happened the last time a video game was made based on a famous Australian TV show.

Underbelly TV series inspires game for iPhone, iPad and Android [news.com.au]


    The only hope for this was a good game mechanic that just attached itself to a name for publicity. This is not going to be the case.

    Will it be full of boobs like the TV Series?


    Hmm, fancy that an iOS game. Who could have believed it?

    PS Mark, the C64 version of that Neighbours game looks OK in a Skate-or-Die is kinda chunky graphics way.
    Here's a clip... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1U5JaLFaJOA

    Oh, and speaking of Aussie TV shows getting a videogame...
    Which one ended up having their own 'redemption' (ie spit out tickets for crap prizes) coinop game?
    Can you guess before you click?

    let me guess - Underbelly: Gameness. :/

    -Matthew Johson uses exercise bike
    -Carl Williams is hit for maximum damage

    - Mick Gatto is attacked with murder accusation
    - Mick Gatto uses "Self defence"
    - Mick Gatto takes no damage

      Level One is a blend of sensible soccer and robotron. Shooting kids gets you bonus points.

      -Benji Vienemen uses 'deception' : Audience falls into deep sleep due to severe boredom... praises show after finale for being 'original and fresh'....

    All they need to do is reskin a FPS or a Arcade Beat 'em Up.

    Underbelly: Gamers

    The terrifying story of people who play R rated games and live in Australia. Hear the harrowing tale of them smuggling in copies of Syndicate and Mortal Kombat, and claim they just want to be treated like adults. Watch as they use facts, logic and reason to argue their point of view. Be afraid they are every where.

    I think you'll find this is a good game mechanic that also happens to be attached to an iconic Aussie TV series. The game play is great - simple to start, but gets incredibly complex and highly strategic.
    The game benefits from serious hard core game engine development from Epiphany Games, fabulous graphics, the right sound and, even more, some tough game play.

      This has to be the most robotic sounding piece of advertising placement I have ever seen or heard.

      Anyone else think that Jennifer should have admitted that she is a director of The Project Factory when posting that bit of PR above?

      I totally agree with this above post, and urge you all to convince your friends and family to buy such a game.

    Way to embarrass Australia as a nation further... Anything made or originating here that makes one little inkling of success gets WHORED INTO OBLIVION.

    And LOL at Jennifer Wilson...

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