Tired Of Modern Racing Games? Try Something Old-Fashioned

There's a starving genre known as the top-down racer. It's home to some of the all-time greats like Micro Machines, and some under-appreciated party games like Mashed (yes, totally serious, play with friends after/during beers).

It's also home, sort of, to Real World Racing, an indie title by Italian studio Playstos Entertainment. While it's got the top-down perspective of more playful games, it's also going for a realistic art style (complete with satellite-sourced tracks) and more serious handling of the cars.

Real World Racing is currently up for voting on Steam Greenlight. You can visit the game's official site below.

Real World Racing [Official Site, via Indie Games]


    Oh man, Mashed. That was a great one to have on a pizza night with the boys.

      There's a current-gen downloadable title by the same guys called "Wrecked" that's essentially the same game.

        It was supposed to be a spiritual sequel, but it really didn't have the same feel though. I still keep my original Xbox around just for Mashed nights.

          Man, I miss my mashed nights. That game is my all time favourite party game (that and conker's 64)

    Man, that makes me want to go play Slicks and Slides again while I wait for this game.

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