In France, The PS Vita Is Being Promoted With Four Breasts

The PS Vita has front touch and rear touch, giving the portable a new type of gaming sensation. Here, a French PS Vita promotional ad's interpretation of that dual-touch sensation seems somewhat different. [@Goldengreg via ゲーハー黙示録]


    OMFG! How sexist! Quick, let's tear Sony a new one!

    Ok, actually, it is kind of sexist. But it isn't a bad advert. But the front touch screen is much more sensitive than the rear touch screen. No nipples on the back, perhaps?

    So that I can use both touch screens at once... of course.

    Back boobs!

    And this is why French culture is considered supreme.

    Oh d'être français. C'est la vie.

    Be handy for doggy

    The promoting of this device has really gone tits-up.

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