Let's Overdose On All This Wonderful Mecha Plastic

Gundam models are called "Gunpla" (ガンプラ) in Japanese. And at this year's Gunpla Expo, there were plenty of them. The event, which runs until November 25 in Tokyo's Akihabara, not only showcases upcoming models, but also the work of master Gunpla builders and famous fans. Let's have a look.

Some of these are actually entries hoping to be selected to represent Japan in the 2012 Gunpla Builders World Cup, which is like the World Cup of Gundam Models. Countries from all over the world square off to see who has made the best Gunpla.

Many of the other, more colourful and customised ones in the above gallery were designed by Japanese celebs, including pop group 9nine, members of idol group SKE48, musician Taku Takahashi of m-flo fame, DJ Love, and more. These models are Bandai's way of saying, "Hey, Gunpla isn't only for old dudes!" Though, it does often seem that way. Events like this, however, can help change the perception of Gunpla. (So can eight year-old girls who build amazing Gundam models!)

Websites AmiAmi Blog and Akiba Hobby were on hand to soak up the plastic and document the models on display.

「ガンプラEXPO2012」開催! [あみあみ] 「ガンプラEXPOワールドツアージャパン2012 [アキバHOBBY]


    I do love a diorama. the beach one is cool.

    I know these are custom displayed but can we even buy these kits in Aus? Makes me all nostalgic for when I used to do the Warhammer and 40k displays

    Last edited 24/11/12 9:16 am

      Not sure where you live, but Zombster is Brisbane is great for this stuff, they have an online store too. (http://www.zombster.com.au/)

      Cheaper even with shipping to buy them from Japan. Also has a less ripped off feeling about it.

    Yes, you can! Zombster (www.zombster.com.au) has a huge selection, and in a pinch you can order from somewhere like Hobbylink Japan, who have really good prices (www.hlj.com). Me and my kids got into Gunpla a few years ago, and it is a family activity we love. I am hoping to get an airbrush setup for xmas from them so we can all take it up a notch. :)

      Thank you very much mate. Greatly appreciated :D Whoooah, some of these are damn expensive o.O Had no idea.

      Last edited 24/11/12 12:09 pm

    bah, stupid Gundam, still waiting for my Tekkaman Blade to be released :(

    bababababasuta! lol the Buster GAT-X103 looks awesome.. adding to my collection!

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