Skyrim's 'Dragonborn' DLC Gets A Trailer On Monday

Bethesda dropped this image via its Twitter yesterday afternoon, telling everyone to expect full details on Monday.

This is in all likelihood the reveal trailer for Dragonborn, the game's next round of DLC.


    Hmmm that Armour is very interesting. Haven't seen anything like it before.

      I honestly can't tell if you're being serious - not at all in a bad way I'm just not sure if I'm missing something. Am I? I've seriously been staring at i -

      It looks like Sauron? That's the best I've got.

        Hehe yes i was being serious. I hadn't thought of sauron at all actually.

      Ah, Poor sweet innocent Robby...

      Hehe. That really can't be an accident. I dare say this is what happens when you underpay your concept artist.

      Last edited 04/11/12 9:11 pm

        mabey it was done like that for a reason like the rakk hive in borderlands and the actual rakk

      To me the armour looks very much like it's made of Dwemer metal.

    it reminds me of the dweemer metal for some reason

      The bottom half reminds me that someone was watching redtube when he designed it....

    Its a Dragon preist mask that is based of the falmer helm in the vanilla game and the falmer heavy helm that was introduced in Dawnguard.

    you can clearly see the shape of the vanilla helm with te mouth of the DLC helm, the only thing missing is the fifth tendril.

      That was the first thing I saw. But I'm a devo

      Falmer, hey? Could this be related to the snow elves?

    The armour looks like Dr Zoidburg and Sauron, very excited to here what this latest DLC is though. Hope its an expansion like Dawnguard and hope even more so that's its a more ambitious pack like the Shivering Isles expansion!

    The "PlayStation" tag on this story is starting to look like blind optimism at this point...

      So much win!

    But I already know I'm Dragonborn.....will there be zombies in this DLC?

    Wait we're riding dragons now aren't we? How I wish we can turn into one instead...

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