Now That's How You Ride A Chocobo

The magnificently-named Randis Albion takes the humble chocobo and toughens it up in this beautiful piece, which he's hoping will get him a meeting with legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobou Uematsu.

You can see the full image below.

Go Chocobo Go! [CGHub, via Super Punch]


    Heh, that would make FFXI more interesting, have mobs able to ride chocobos and chase you down.

    That moment when someone uses the term 'mobs' when mentioning creatures from a game other than minecraft :D

      That moment when someone implies that Minecraft was the first to use "mobs" when you've been playing WOW before Minecraft came out. (Although I'm sure the word goes back earlier than WOW.) Kids these days. ^_-

    Actually kids would be the ones playing WOW.

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