Final Fantasy VII Remake's Chocobo Chick Looks So Dragon Ball

While it’s unclear what the hell happened to Carbuncle in Final Fantasy VII Remake, the Chocobo summons looks like it’s taking a page out of Dragon Ball

Chocobo has varied over the years, but there have been different twists on the design, but the Final Fantasy VII Remake design looks like it has a Super Saiyan ‘do:

The Chocobo chick summons really does have that Super Saiyan flair. 


    lol, compare to DB alright, but it is a terrible thing to do for a FF game creature.

      This is the second terrible design we've seen lately, doesn't really inspire much hope in the other summons or added extras.

    I get it, But why use the infamously bad cartoon work of early DBS episodes?

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