This Animal Hunting Game Plays Like Call Of Duty, And That's Disturbing

Dear god. This isn't hunting. It's extinction. You can gun down the entire freakin animal kingdom in Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013, it seems.

I...think I'm going to go hug my dogs now.

Via Ben Abraham


    This kind of game makes me much more uncomfortable than any Call of Duty or Battlefield game. At least in those games you're fighting an enemy force, but in this you're only killing for the sake of killing. And that doesn't sit right with me.

      So shooting animal disturbs you and killing human doesn't. Blame it as enemy force but isn't enemy force consist of human no different than any of us. Probably most of them don't want to be there at the first place and died for the sake of people trying to kill enemy force. Cycle won't end until people realise what they are doing.

        I agree. With Far Cry 3 and Assassins creed 3 just out; I've killed hundreds more innocent animals than I have people- why would this game be worse?
        Far cry lets you mow down deer with a machine gun!

          Did you have to? Was it crucial for the story? It says more about you than the game.

            No you need to craft items for sacks and pouches for more ammo to kill the gang that has take has taken over the island, the local people teach the player the way of the hunter to show only kill if only needed nothing more. Then you can make money by selling skins to the local shop for money.

            Actually, if you have ever unthinkingly eaten meat without having caught or killed it yourself it speaks volumes about our society where it's more acceptable to open a packet than hunt and gather it yourself, wholesale slaughter is horrible but the pre packaged meat industry is built on wholesale slaughter.
            I have much respect for people willing to live off the land and games simulating that however awkwardly might instil the urge to learn those skills.

            Maybe someone should do a freezing works line simulator and create a generation of vegans....

              Did you watch the video up there?
              Calling this game a hunting simulator is ridiculous. This game isn't about living off the land, it's about raping it. May as well call Custer's Revenge a dating simulator.

        Damn, you better stop playing video games then.

      Dangerous animals are the enemy force?

      Not my type of game, but any FPS that isn't of the jingoist American "shoot anything brown and animate" cloth deserves a second glance. Plus, health packs, I miss health packs.

    Should we really care about shooting virtual animals any more than caring about shooting virtual humans?

      What Beardy up there said. It's the intent behind it.

        What's the intent behind shooting virtual humans though? Someone, somewhere decided that someone is the enemy and you must shoot them. The story is just there to help you feel justified in doing so.

          There's the crux of it. Justification. There's a reason why you're shooting things. Revenge, orders, defence of self or others whatever it may be there's a reason behind it. Doesn't necessarily make it right, that's a debatable point, but justified in whatever context. These games are killing for killings sake. I'm not against animal killing. Steak is probably 75% of my diet. I'm against it when it's pointless.

          Maybe I'm wrong and this games all about collecting food. For a medium sized European country. For several years supply.

          Last edited 18/12/12 8:09 pm

            Maybe they will feed the children of Africa with that delicious Rhino meat and lift the continent out of poverty.

    I could not stop laughing through that. I think the absudity of a game like this even existing let alone selling well explains an awful lot about what is the real problem in the US.

    I didn't see him teabag a single one of those animals. This is nothing like COD.

    I doubt this'll make anyone go out and kill animals any more than, say Call of Duty making people go out and kill humans. Sure, this seems like it's just killing for the sake of killing, but generally sane people can tell the difference and not act out this sort of thing in reality. People who would go out and do this are already unstable and would do this sort of thing regardless. Just like with any other violent video game, the game isn't the problem.

      The game seems like it is designed to appeal to people who already do this. So less cause it and more support it.

    you find hunting virtual animal disturbing?
    then there is no point in blaming non-gamer who find violent video games offensive.

    Make them all dinosaurs and we just might have something.

    Yes it's disturbing just murdering animals, but beyond that this game just looks shiiiiiiit.

      Wait til he pulls out the rocket launcher on the 'ZOMG BUNNIES!' stage...

    WTF did I just watch???

    Disturbing animal murder aside - although everything seems to be trying to kill you for some reason - was I the only one who thought that looked pretty cool? But yeah, dinosaurs would have been better. Carnivores or whatever that game was called was awesome.

      And that's why the 'outrage' is contrived. Substitute in something else for the real-world animals and suddenly no one cares. Any of the native life forms on Pandora (skags, bonerfarts etc.) just defending their territory for example. Hell, it doesn't even take that - just retro the graphics till it's an acceptable cartoon animal being killed. The Duck Hunt Dog just popped up to laugh at you all.

        I'm glad someone brought up duck hunt as this seems a lot like it. Just with more animals and better graphics.

    Didn't like the animals aspect of Far Cry 3, sure as hell don't like this mess. Killing animals for kicks seems psychopathic to me.

    Totalbiscuit did a video on this. Its hilarious.

    What ever happened to the original game where they put you in an area and you had to attract animals with calls, bait and female pheromones, and you had to make sure you were camouflaged and still so they won't run off when they came. And then you had to go to the range to zero your scope, ah the days of non-linear gaming.

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