This "Sex Invaders" Art Show Isn't Quite As Naughty As It Sounds

Girls in bikinis. Classic video games. Star Wars characters.Put them all together and you get… art?

That's the formula for the Sex Invaders exhibit by artist duo The Ultravelvet Collection, currently showing at New York City's Hionas Gallery. A press release for the show explains the thinking behind the imagery:

"Video games appeal to kids at a base level, like sex to an adult. What we're doing is merging our adult- and childhood fantasies to create something entirely new."

The pair elaborate in an interview with Fast Company's CoCreate website:

"I put my childhood into these pieces," Hajjar says. But the exhibit is also a nod toward the future. "The digital age has taken over. You don't shoot in film anymore." As Hajjar explains it, Sex Invaders is his and Rose's way of "taking a past memory and making it feel present."

Raise your hands if your memories of Pac-Man included aggressively tanned swimsuit models. Wow, that's more than I was expecting…


    Must be the 1st of April.

    Pfft... Japan's been doing this for years. It's called H Doujinshi =P

    I think I actually prefer that soup can to this.

    Put the word "sex" in a topic title and what do you get? Click bait!

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