13 Years Later, Age Of Empires II Gets An (Unofficial) Expansion

Still regarded as one of the finest strategy games ever made, Ensemble's 1999 classic Age of Kings has long been dead as far as publisher Microsoft is concerned.

As far as fans are concerned, though, it's all stations go, as a new expansion called Forgotten Empires has just been released, which introduces new campaigns, maps, units and entire civilizations, like the Magyars, Incas and Italians.

You can grab it at the link below.

Forgotten Empires [via Reddit]


    Such a great game, glad to see some (unofficial) support!

    I'd play this if AOE II still worked on my computer! Installation goes fine but starting a game just doesn't happen. Sadface.

    This is really awesome! Now... if there was some sort of multiplayer support for this expansion, that would top it all!

      I'm sure it would work fine with Gameranger. Haven't checked it out yet to see if that is the case though.


    They need to release the source for this so we can get OpenAOE2 or something along the lines of OpenTTD.

    It saddens me how hard it is to make the game work these days.

    Going to a LAN later tonight to pump this out with my friends =D

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