New Gears Of War Deal Reminds Us That Game Prices No Longer Make Sense

New Gears Of War Deal Reminds Us That Game Prices No Longer Make Sense

The first wave of “launch” copies of March 19th’s Gears of War: Judgment will come bundled with a bonus $US19.99 “value”, according to a Microsoft press release emailed this morning.

That “value”?

A download code for the original Gears of War, which the company says “more than half” of the players of the last Gears game — Gears of War 3 — didn’t play. That late-2006 game launched for $US60 and goes for $US19.99 if you want to download it to your Xbox 360 now.

It’s nice to get a free game when buying another game, right? Even if there’s a strong chance that nearly half the people buying this new game probably already played it. After all, that’s as valid a way to interpret Microsoft’s research stat as Microsoft’s way, no?

So what’s a game that maybe nearly half of the Gears faithful already played really worth? 20 bucks? Zero bucks (complete with an order for the $US60 Judgment)?

It’s notable that Microsoft is even trying to sell the original five year old Gears for $US20 these days. Who thinks that’s a good price for a game that has enjoyed two iterative sequels and is about to get a third? On Steam, on PSN, games that old often go for far less.


    • Just a warning, it’s a bit rough going backwards in Gears of War. They have put a lot of work into developing the engine so a lot of the little things from Gears of War 2 and 3 are missing from the first. It’s still a really fun game though. Well worth checking out but be prepared.

      • It’s really the same game just a little rougher around the edges, the cover system feels clunky and gets you killed occasionally.

        • I find it runs a bit deeper than that. Like how many weapons there are, finishers, variations on gameplay (there’s a few things like the nighttime missions and the driving, but for the most part the fights stay the same throughout the game), the story isn’t as deep as the others. It’s all little stuff that doesn’t make the game bad, but it adds up and really shows you how far the series has come.

          Again, totally not suggesting anyone avoids Gears of War. It’s a good game.

          • That’s weird that you say that, because I have always found the Gears Of War campaign to be easily the strongest of the three. It’s the only one i’ve actively wanted to replay multiple times. It may be missing some of the features of the new one but the pacing is so much tighter.

            And the multiplayer? There was this purity to it, a simplicity. If anything the balance felt better then, than it does now. Every weapon was a viable option and there were no cheating weapons like the Mortar (a weapon I love anyway) and the Sawed Off.

            As for the value of this, it’s good for me. My older brother scratched my Gears of War 1 disc back when you had to learn the hard way never to move a 360 when it was on.

          • I’ll agree with the multiplayer part. Matchmaking and general framework didn’t work as well as in the 2nd and 3rd games, but the simplicity of the gameplay made for better games. The new ones have good multiplayer and it’s tons of fun but they don’t quite have that strategic mayhem to them. Cover was extremely over powered so you had proper extended firefights and tactics which were awesome.
            You still need to be aware of the battlefield in the new games but that total situational awareness didn’t pay off the way it did in the original. I remember times where we were dug in, untouchable for minutes at a time, then we’d get shredded by a single player from the opposite team. As frustrated as you were you could only turn around and say ‘well, it’s my own fault for getting comfortable enough not to look over my shoulder’.

            Man, now I really want them to include a classic mode in the next game has all those old limitations…

          • Yeah exactly, me and my little brother got so good at that game because it was based in strong teamwork and tactics that we’d have to boot new players from our team as they entered so the other team wouldn’t quit because they were losing.

            And killing an entire team by yourself or having your team killed by one player was and still is the most riveting experience on xbox live.

            Pity Gears will never be the same. They still have modes like Execution in Gears 3 but it’s completely ignored by, as they say, the people who never played Gears 1 or even 2, who don’t care about the game or the franchise.

            They keep adding more and more deathmatch-esque gameplay, where there’s no consequences for your death and a single player can let down the whole team by dying over and over and wasting the lives you need. Now the sawed off is getting two bullets? And they have Free-For-All?

            When will these publishers learn that if everyone is trying to get the same segment of the FPS Deathmatch market, it’s far less lucrative than creating a niche and owning that niche.

  • GTA: San Andreas (PS2 original) is still going for around $20 on the Australian store. Last time I checked, Prototype (1) was also going for roughly $49.

    • Pricing on Playstation Store is awful. $110 for Fifa 13 at release, when you could get it retail for about $70. Almost all the other new or recent releases I’ve looked at are at least $10 more than the retail copies.

      I don’t understand why Sony should charge more for a soft copy when there is no manufacturing or shipping costs involved.

      • from what i’ve heard, they have to be more expensive or the game retailers will chuck hissy fits and might refuse to stock the games/hardware. but yeah i agree its total BS.

  • 20 bucks for that is pretty sweet if you ask me (if you never played the original). As a bonus to the new gears I think that is a great deal as its story picks up after GOW:judgement.

  • The fact is that it basically costs Microsoft nothing to do this. The original GOW is very old now, I doubt it’s still selling many / any copies this days either physical or digital. So they’re not giving up much / any revenue by doing this and, more to the point, it’s not costing them anything either. So it’s not like they could/would sell GOW: Judgment for $20 less if they didn’t give away the download code with it.

    So really, it’s a goodwill gesture that isn’t cost anybody anything or hurting anybody. If you haven’t played the original, great you get it for free. If you have then you can give the code to a friend who might not have played it, or download the digital version and trade your disc in and save a couple of bucks on your next game.

  • Americans complaining about game prices….this $60 game will cost around $70-$100 here do we get anything extra for that?

  • Well, if you think that $20 on Nintendo’s e-shop won’t buy you a N64 game and a Master System game then it seems like pretty good value.

  • Translation:
    You get Gears 1 for free when you buy Gears Judgement. That’s it.

    Nice work taking a simple story and twisting it around to try make Microsoft seem incompetent somehow.

  • It would be nice if I could say choose between Gears 1, and 850 points ($20 worth by Australian Pricing).

    But it’s not such a bad deal, heck I’ll probably give it to my nephew.

  • can’t really see the appeal of gears of war, something about it puts me off playing it. i really only enjoy the horde mode when mates are over

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