Gear Of War: Judgment Due March 19, 2013

The next Gears of War game is coming next March, Epic said during a panel at Comic Con today. Gears of War: Judgment will be a prequel to the first game in the third-person shooter series.


    Or they could make 4

    wasnt gears 3 origiannly supposed to be release in march and then kept getting pushed back?

    Waaay too soon after 3, give us a breather you money hungry bastards!

      way too soon? well thanks for your advice on games... i'll take it on board when im about to play it.i may just wait a few months because it's too early to enjoy a game.

      dont buy it! ya selfish bastard

    They're having issues with padding g the new tower defence ip with enough substance to justify paying all the interns so they made them create this to adaquetly fill the void I guess and really prequels are normally bad because the future is set in stone already and what you do means bunk

    I hope Marcus and Dom make a cameo in this game.
    Even if it's for a fleeting moment.

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