What Metroid Looks Like Through The Eyes Of A Child

Yesterday, a good friend of mine invited me to speak at an after-school game club in East Harlem about the game industry. As an adult, it was one of those very illuminating and humanising experiences that reminds you exactly what it was like to love games dearly when you're 11 years old. Trust me, the kids are alright.

That same friend of mine snapped the following adorable photo from one of the lower school classes. Here's everything you really need to know about Metroid, through the eyes of a grade schooler today. You just gotta love those earrings Samus is wearing:

[via atinyglow on Instagram]


    Hey, he's drawing attention to the fact that she's female. He must have been influenced by the Other M game.


    That's not a metroid!

      I don't think anyone said it was. It is however, 'Metroid', the game series (as seen through the child's drawing).

    Pretty sure you'll find those aren't earrings.
    Looks like they're meant to be the tubes on the front of Samus' helmet.

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