You'll Be Able To Pay Money For Better Weapons In Dead Space 3

It's hard to get good at a video game. It can require a ton of practice and effort. You'll have to hone your skills over time, training your eyes and fingers to react with split-second precision and speed.

Or you could just use your credit card.

Dead Space 3, an upcoming sci-fi horror game from Electronic Arts that will be out for 360 and PS3 on February 5, will allow you to pay money for weapons, according to a new Eurogamer report. Real money for fake weapons.

"You can buy resources with real money, but scavenger bots can also give you the currency that you can use on the marketplace," associate producer Yara Khoury told Eurogamer. "So you don't have to spend [real world] dollars."

So, yes. It's hard to get too mad at the idea of optional micro-transactions — in many ways this is just like the cheat-enabling Game Genie that you could buy for many Nintendo systems back in the day — but it's also hard not to envision a future where some unscrupulous publishers force their developers to make unbalanced games in which you pretty much have to buy optional weapons to proceed.

And you thought Dead Space 3 wouldn't be scary.

Dead Space 3 includes micro-transactions for buying better weapons [Eurogamer]


    No... just no. It's fine to have micro-transactions in a free game and even then they should only be optional such as the LoL and DOTA 2 business models.

      Agreed. I have no intention of going down this road on games I've already paid for up front.

      It worked really well for them with the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer so I would imagine that most EA games going forward would have some sort of micro-transactions. Besides its not like they are forcing anyone to pay.

      Also as above Plasma Cutter is all I need. :P

        Really? I didn't think anyone actually paid the revoltingly high prices for items in ME3.

    we really need to let them know that this is not okay in a full retail game

    Dead Space 3 is getting crappier everytime I hear about it

    Hi - has there been any news regarding Online Pass or no, for Dead Space 3? I'm assuming the worst because it's EA...

    I made the desicion some time ago to boycott EA. I thought it would be pretty hard. But they just keep making it easier.

    Are you really surprised? Where was the outrage when you could purchase reinforcement packs in Mass Effect 3?

    This is completely optional, just like that was. Only people who aren't all that attached with their money will spend anything on this, while leaving everyone else to enjoy the game by working for their upgrades.

    I say good on them. It worked wonders in Mass Effect 3 and was a success. People are spending 1000's of dollars on in app purchases on their phone and tablet games so this is a way to make some extra money and is completely optional. People are so quick to note the negatives and call it a outrage sitting behind their computer or whatever device. How dare they make a optional purchase system i am not forced to use.

      The catch is there's a big grey area. Imagine a Zelda game where extra hearts cost real money. You can technically complete the game with just the initial three hearts, and personally I'd have fun trying to do that, but ultimately to enjoy the game as intended you've got to buy at least five additional hearts. In a free to play game that's fair enough, in a game like Dead Space where you pay the full retail price for the core game it's just sneaking in extra fees.

      The other tricky part is the value of these sorts of things. Traditionally these were cheats and they were free. The part you're paying for doesn't take much development. There's a weapon skin in there but that's not the product they're trying to sell. Yet somehow they come up with values like $2 for unlimited lives. Again, in other contexts that's fine but with full price retail games it gets foggy fast. I'd pay $2 per game on a pool table, but I wouldn't pay $2 per game on my pool table at home.

      Most importantly the backlash isn't against this particular example it's against the potential for this to change the nature of the game. Dead Space may be doing right, it may be fair, but if this becomes the norm then it's only a matter of time before we start hitting intentionally unbalanced games that require further purchases to play properly.

        I agree; if we say that this is okay and allow it to become the norm, someone's going to abuse it eventually. What happens when you get an amazing game that's marred by balance issues in service of micro transactions? Would you pay a little extra just to perfect the experience? The more that people yes, the more publishers will push to see how much they can get away with. If the pricing of certain DLC is to go by, we're willing to let them get away with a lot in order to get a complete experience.

    Umm. Didn't they have micro-transaction weapons in Dead Space and Dead Space 2? I remember skin packs but I thought there was also stronger weapons on the market. Same goes for the suits.

    In the end it's just an option and another opportunity for EA to make money and if people want to keep forking out money then more power to them. I don't like it as much as the next people but at the same time I don't understand why people get so outraged, just don't pay for them yourself, problem solved.

      agree with you, its just an option. if u don't want to buy weapons don't pay. why should you care how others play the game. if they want to cheat their way through the game, fine they are one who is missing the whole point not you.

        It's not "just an option", though. It affects the way the game is designed. The focus shifts from balancing for increased player pleasure to balancing to increase their desire to spend money, which can often involve irritating the player just a little bit and promising that it will get better if they just pay a tiny bit more.

    And EA wonder why they are losing money. If they focused on good games like 2K and not trying to squeeze every last cent out of every one of their customers they would be in a better position, this crap is what made mass effect 3 such a disappointment.

    A big problem with microtransactions is that so many games are leaning towards always on drm or similar schemes, where automatic updates ared pushed to you whether you want them or not. A game that is balanced to not require in game purchases today, may not be balanced that way tomorrow.

    The problem for me is that it feels like it cheapens the whole experience. All of a sudden it doesn't feel like an accomplishment to unlock that fully powered uber weapon the "real" way, it just feels like I am being punished with a longer route because I didn't lay down more cash.

      You need to alter your perspective then. Think of it like buying a game genie, would you feel the same? In fact you can feel a greater sense of accomplishment because you did it the legit way - even though it would have been a trivial matter to take a shortcut.

        But that is (barely) glorified hacking - it's all perspective, I know, but this is a developer endorsed/encouraged alternative, not some quick patch into the game code from some unofficially supported means.

    "Dead Space 3 Producer John Calhoun Wants To Creep You Out."


    (Yes, I replied to the correct article. Creepy as ****, if you ask me.)

    Don't forget Horse Armour started it

    I don't mind paying for Borderlands 2 DLC packs those missions are awesome, new locations, new loot, new enemies. I'm not going to buy the new character skins, but they are purely cosmetic so no big deal.

    I don't like the idea myself, especially when the game is already a full price game. I very much don't like the concept of paying for cheats, they used to be a part of the game a way of adding fun or helping you get past a difficult section.

    Why can't those weapons be included in the game?
    What happened to more content being released to extend the life of a game is it is a sales success strengthening both the franchise and the publisher/developers reputation?

    What happened to all the content in my game???

    if you can earn the coins/cash/whatever in single player, and you don't want to pay, that's what save editing is for

    feeling a bit over dead space at the moment. loved the first one, second felt like a slog. glad there is co op, gives me an incentive to not only play it but get a totally different experience

    Dammit, I really liked the first two games but I'll never eat crap like this.

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