And The Opening Keynote Speaker At PAX Australia Is...

The creator of The Secret of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert! And I am very, very excited.

We've just gotten word that Ron will be providing the opening 'storytime' keynote on the Friday morning, and as a huge Monkey Island fan, this may be one of those times when I'll actually get starstruck. In short: ohmygod-ohmygod-ohmygod.

Control yourself Mark, control yourself.

Ron Gilbert is, of course, most widely known for creating the Monkey Island series, but he was also responsible for the creation of Lucasarts' SCUMM technology, a piece of tech that was used in almost all of the Lucasarts adventure games after the release of Monkey Island.

On a personal level, I can think of very few games that have affected me as much as the Monkey Island series. In a lot of ways Monkey Island is the reason I fell in love with games in the first place. It may have been the first game I truly loved. It was certainly the first game I can remember being obsessed with.

So, yes. Very excited.

PAX Australia is taking place at the Melbourne Showgrounds from the 19th to the 21st of July. The weekend passes are all sold out, as are the Saturday one-day passes. But there are still tickets available. Head to the official website for more details.



    askdjfhaskdjfh ... it's ron gilbert and I will be in the same room as him.

      Omagomgomgohjg must breathe. Why am I so excited about this? What is wrong with me?!

    OMG :( I have a 3 day pass, but it is looking like I will not be able to attend due to having a child, though my wife would understand... right? :)

      Well, if you need to sell that bad boy. ;)

        I don't think you're allowed to sell children...

        Last edited 12/02/13 1:36 pm

      Bah, if you go to the first PAX AU you'll be able to brag to your kid later

    Awwwww man. :'(

    Maybe he'll come to PAX North too. (That's just me hanging out in Brisbane. :P)

    @sughly would love to see this as well.

    Doesn't really seem fair that Saturday was the first single pass to sell out and they get him in on the Friday only.

      Well the *opening* speaker generally speaks on the first day, the guy is probably busy and they have other things to present than repeating the keynote three times.

    Have you checked out 'The Cave', Mark? It made me feel like a kid playing Maniac Mansion / Monkey island all over again :)

    Worst news ever...

    But only because I can't get to PAX Aus.

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