Get A Load Of Remember Me's Futuristic Paris

After yesterday's preview event, Capcom sent along some cool new concept- and landmark-art from their upcoming adventure game Remember Me. I was impressed by my time playing the game, but I didn't have time to include all the art, so I thought I'd toss it up here.

Take a gander, and check out our past galleries of developer Dontnod's evocative art design.

The first four here are concept art, and I'm about 90 per cent that the rest are watermark-free screenshots, though the game doesn't quite run at that resolution on Xbox 360. Click 'em to see a high-res version.


    I thought this was all concept art.
    If the game looks this good, I'm pretty excited :D

    I hope this game is actually going to be a good game and not just a good marketing campaign like A:CM & DS3.

    This is definitely a game on my watch list. Have been interested since the announcement, so here's hoping it continues to impress!
    I can honestly say that Paris will never, ever, ever, end up looking like that.... never been to a city that was so intent on not changing it's appearance before. I'm therefore excited to roam around this version! [The real one is pretty average....]

    As long as it's not a case of "lets make a futuristic game, oh but its in paris so let's just put a smattering of paris-y things in it". The screenshots do look very nicely integrated, except for the Notre Dame Cathedral, which sticks out like a sore thumb.

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