Learn How To Make Swords And Guns From Japanese Video Games

Usually, when there's a geek event in Japan, cosplayers show up in droves. Somewhere between the folks in skimpy outfits, there are always cosplayers carrying enormous swords and guns. They're not real weapons, of course, but they can really help complete the cosplay.

Want to learn how to make those awesome custom weapons? Like, yourself? No worries, Ryo is here to help.

Ryo is a Japanese cosplayer, who's been living the life since 2003. At that time, Ryo had no clue how to make his own costumes and weapons. Now he's quit his job as a systems engineer and makes costumes for a living. And his wonderful website has walkthroughs for all sorts of awesome cosplay props. Best of all, Ryo also wrote his how-tos in English.

Let's have a look at just some of the cosplay props you, yes, you, can learn how to make:

Hatchet from Monster Hunter

How to

Queen's Sword from Final Fantasy Type-0

How to

"Red Scissor" from Monster Hunter

How to

Scythe's Weapon from Final Fantasy Type-0

How to

Rifle from Metal Gear Solid 3

How to

Yuna's Staff from Final Fantasy X

How to

There are even walkthroughs for armour, like this Monster Hunter outfit:

How to

Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy might not be your thing, but you can use these walkthroughs to inspire your own creations. Ryo's site is a very generous and helpful resource. There's much more in the link below. Have a look.

Gyakuyoga [Official Site]


    This is an article I'd like to see more of. Don't really have anything to add, but given the ratio of positive feedback you lot get, figured it was worth flat out saying.

      i completely agree. A cosplayer, sometimes you can have absolutely no idea how to do these things. tutorials can be an amazing help.

    Still torn between making own gun or customise the paintjob on a nerf if I do cosplay BL2. Hmmm....

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