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You ever spot a really bad idea and think, “that’s definitely going to have consequences that no one can foresee”? To me, that’s the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Not because of its questionable design choices (give me the weird hog, it’s good, actually) but because no matter how great Sonic’s movie design is, Halloween was always coming. And when Halloween rolls around, so do horrifying costumes that barely resemble the things they are based on.


Mister Global is a big male beauty competition that’s basically trying to be Miss Universe for dudes (the Mr. Universe competition, once won by Arnold Schwarzenegger, is for body-builders). As part of this year’s contest, entrants have to wear national costumes, and nearly every one of them look like Capcom is about to charge you $7 to unlock them.


We’re so accustomed to modern cosplay photography being slick and bright and clean that it’s easy to settle into the idea that’s the only way to take photos of people in costume. But this series of shots from this year’s DragonCon shows that a change of hardware can make a big difference to how we see cosplayers on the internet.