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In any other year this would be the time where we’d only just be ramping up our cosplay event coverage as we approached shows like Anime Expo and Comic Con, but in 2020, where everything is terrible, we are not. Instead, somehow, March’s PAX East is probably going to end up being the last show we feature on this site for a very long time.


One of the biggest casualties of the global Covid-19 lockdowns are events like comic and anime conventions, because huge arenas filled with tens of thousands of people crammed in, hugging and shaking hands are a massive health risk. But that’s OK! We can still have cons on the internet.


For a few years now on April 1, cosplayers from around the world have joined in on a common joke and posted some pics. This year’s effort, though, took on some added significance, as without any major cosplay cons taking place in the foreseeable future, this “con” was as close to a show as anyone was going to get for a while.


It’s kinda fitting that the NBA’s All-Star Weekend was held in Chicago this year, because a couple weeks later it was also the setting for C2E2, one of the biggest cons of the year and a show that’s kinda become its own unofficial All-Star Weekend for cosplay.