The Romantic Moments In Video Games That Remind You Of Valentine’s Day

The Romantic Moments In Video Games That Remind You Of Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day putting us all in a romantic mood it was our duty to gather some of the defining aaaawww moments video games offer.

A great deal of game endings below so watch out for heavy spoilers!

The Ending Of The First Prince Of Persia


source: Prince Of Persia Final Level

Nate And Elena In Uncharted 3


source: MiyuDevaughn’s LP

Holding Hands In ICO


source: The Bridge Scene In ICO

The Ballroom Dance And Fireworks Scene in Final Fantasy VIII


source: MasterLL’s LP

Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts Ending


source: Thetwodud’s LP

Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link’s Ending


source: LaiSteve66’s LP

Yuna And Tidus’ First Kiss In Final Fantasy X


source: Final Fantasy Union

Aladdin’s Ending


source: ka6Scope’s LP

Katherine’s True Ending In Catherine


source: theRadBrad’s LP

The Ending Of The Secret Of Monkey Island


source: Monkey Island Wiki

The Ending Of Revenge Of Shinobi


source: jay4gamers1’s LP

Mario Saves Princess Peach In The Enhanced Version Of Super Mario Bros. In Super Mario All-Stars


source: Artificialraven’s LP, header pic is Limeknight’s My Greatest Hero fan art on Deviantart

These are not the only lucky video game characters, so submit your picks with visuals in the comments below.


  • Wait, it was physically possible to finish Prince of Persia?! 😛

    The Ballroom Dance And Fireworks Scene in Final Fantasy VIII. Yes, this has to be my favorite from this list. Such a beautiful scene ^_^

    • I loved that scene too.

      Slightly off topic, but Squall got way too much flak for being an aloof asshole. He was effectively a child soldier, so I thought his behaviour was actually pretty normal. When I was 14 playing through the game it kind of freaked me out that everyone else was treating military school (with actual armed combat :0) like a regular high school.

      • Have you ever seen the Squall is really dead theory? There’s a whole website on it. It’s fascinating, even though I don’t believe it.

  • Ok why is there no mention of Maxim and Selan from Lufia II. That has to be my favorite love story in a game of all time.

    Well apart from the sexually ambiguous Yoshi and Birdo coupling.

    • Catherine’s True Ending In Catherine

      urgh and I haven’t go that ending yet so that image is kinda spoiler. Do i have to stop reading games sites until i’ve finsihed every game in my collection?

      • Thats what I thought when I saw it. There are about 8 endings tho and its worth playing anyway. Liked the ending I got better than that one anyway

      • I’ve managed to avoid the ending to Mass Effect 3 since I never got a chance to finish it when my 360 RROD’d and I never got a new one.

        Still don’t know what big deal is with it yet. Have to get the trilogy on PS3 to find out.

  • I’m disappointed there was no mention of the ending of To The Moon. Although it’s more melancholy, it is a fantastic love story.

  • This is a great list. For my part, I was always struck with the first scene between Jackie and his girlfriend Jenny in The Darkness. To have gone around slaughtering mobsters and experiencing supernatural horrors, and then so nonchalantly having the ability to sit on the couch and chill watching TV indefinitely with your gal-pal, seemed bizarrely touching to me.

  • FFX was more bittersweet than romantic tbh, especially since its after you find out what will happen to Yuna 🙁

    Agreed on FFVII though

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