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Real video game professionals know that Tokyo Game Show isn’t just about trying out new games, it’s also about loading up on expensive game-themed merchandise. There’s a startling array of awesome licensed goods here for you to blow your paycheck on. Here are the best of this year.


Capcom closed the Dead Rising development studio, we know someone who played Red Dead Redemption 2, one of us played a lot of Forza Horizon 4, Nintendo finally let us pay for NES games on the Switch, and Sony announced they’re releasing a mini baby PlayStation. If it’s a hot video game news topic, we talk about it in raw, uncensored detail straight from the hip this week on Kotaku XP.


Sure, sure, everybody’s excited about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, but let us not forget about From Software’s other upcoming game, which comes out on November 6: Déraciné, a slow-paced adventure game set in a boarding school. I played it at Tokyo Game Show, and now I can’t wait to play more.


At the Square Enix Music booth at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, there’s a display of original Chocobo artwork done by the creators of various Final Fantasy games. Some of these creators aren’t visual artists by trade, so the results are a little interesting.


New Hearthstone expansions come out all the time, but it’s fairly rare for the base experience of the game to change outside of that. Recently, Blizzard announced a few changes -- including some new cards and tweaks to the ranked ladder system -- that set the tone for how the game will evolve in the future. These changes should help ease new players into the competitive experience.


Spider-Man is chock full of collectibles. You’re meant to grab tokens from fighting crime and clearing out bases to upgrade and build new suits for Peter Parker. My favourite collectible, though, is the mementos you find in Peter Parker’s backpacks around the city.

These backpacks aren’t hard to find; they’re not especially cleverly placed or hidden. The pay-off for picking them up is that they contain little pieces of Peter Parker’s past within them.


Destiny 2’s infusion system allowed players to easily power up their favourite gear to use throughout their adventure. Forsaken has tweaked how upgrading is handled; the change shakes up player’s arsenals and encourages experimentation, at the cost of making customisation and identity-building more expensive (and grindy) than before.


In Subserial Network, humanity as we know it doesn’t exist. Instead, synthetic beings populate the world. They live mostly normal lives. There’s only one rule: Don’t connect yourself directly to the net. The synthetics who disobey are deemed “Subserials”. Your job is to hunt them down.


Nintendo’s online service for the Switch also grants you access to some classic Nintendo games, and the NES library even provides a filter so it looks like you’re playing them on an old school CRT television. Unfortunately for some players, playing those games with this filter on has left them with an afterimage on the screen.