Explore Fukushima's Nuclear Zone In Google's Startling Street View

The 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake devastated the town of Namie in Fukushima. The surviving residents still cannot return to their homes. The area has been evacuated due to radiation.

Earlier this month, Google sent a Street View car to photograph the town and surrounding area. The resulting images show that two years after the deadly quake and tsunami, Namie is eerily quiet. You can still see the rubble and destruction. Clean up has begun, but much of Namie appears frozen in time.

Street View offers a poignant reminder of the tragic events of March 2011.

This sort of documentation isn't a Google first. Last December, Google revealed that it was archiving areas hit by the earthquake and tsunami as part of its Memories for the Future site.

Below you can see images taken from Street View, courtesy of the Google Japan Blog and TechInAsia.

Explore Fukushima Street View in the link below.

福島県浪江町のストリートビューの公開によせて [Google Japan Blog via TechInAsia]


    Looks like something you would see in a zombie apocalypse, while all the zombies are waiting in the shadows until nightfall.

    Wow, there is something incredibly moving and deeply disturbing about these images. It's the same uncanny feeling I get playing through fallout or any disaster game, this is time frozen at the moment of disaster. But it looks so peacful, like the town sleeping. I don't often think google is worthy of compliments, but it's great that they'll be archiving these images.

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