Your First Three Battlefield 4 Screenshots

EA has accidentally left the back door to its Battlefield blog open, giving the public access to image files currently being hosted there. Among them are these three Battlefield 4 screenshots, presumably showing action from the game's campaign.

They're big images, so be sure to click "expand" to see them as nature intended. Well, as natural as a promo screenshot can get, anyway.

via VG247


    Yep. I need a new gpu.

      nah, a 2 yr old one is fine. Theyre just going to make this for consoles again anyway

    Why was this necessary? BF3 isn't that old and still has tonnes of players... :\

      They've been doing it for a while, alternating years of a Battlefield game and a Medal of Honor game, just like Activision are doing with Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

      No it's not necessary, nothing in gaming is necessary. But they're going to make a shitload of money.

      Main PC releases:

      2002 - Battlefield 1942
      2004 - Battlefield Vietnam
      2005 - Battlefield 2
      2006 - Battlefield 2142
      2010 - Battlefield Bad Company 2
      2011 - Battlefield 3
      2013 - Battlefield 4

      I am ok with this.

        Full list for those playing at home:

        2002 Battlefield 1942
        2003 Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome
        2003 Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
        2004 Battlefield Vietnam
        2005 Battlefield 2
        2005 Battlefield 2: Special Forces
        2005 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
        2006 Battlefield 2: Euro Forces
        2006 Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
        2006 Battlefield 2142
        2007 Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
        2008 Battlefield: Bad Company
        2009 Battlefield Heroes
        2009 Battlefield 1943
        2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
        2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam
        2010 Battlefield Online
        2011 Battlefield Play4Free
        2011 Battlefield 3
        2011 Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand
        2012 Battlefield 3: Close Quarters
        2012 Battlefield 3: Armored Kill
        2012 Battlefield 3: Aftermath
        2013 Battlefield 3: End Game
        2013 Battlefield 4

          Jesus, no wonder 2142 was a piece of shit... ONE YEAR between drinks.

            what do you mean?

            2142 was the only one i never played.

            always "ill get arround to it" but by the time i got it, the graphics were so bad...

      I thought that as well, but more so because it feels like BF3 still has a lot of life in it. Oh well, can't complain that they're offering us a prettier game...

    Hopefully the campaign wouldn't be crap like bf3. The bf3 multiplayer was AWESOME, the coop was good but the campaign was TERRIBLE. ANother issues for bf3 is that there was a time when bf3 on the ps3 have MASSIVE lags. It lagged so much and so badly that sometimes it's unplayable. EA really have to fix this issue. Hopefully bf4 would be good on campaign and multiplayer.

      Co-op was good? It was buggy as shit (was never fixed) and it ended with a QTE that if you missed a single prompt you failed the mission and you had to start again from the beginning.

        Well it was still kinda fun and I think it depends what you play it on. I played bf3 on the PS3. The coop wasn't no where near the best or being perfect but it wasn't the worse. I consider it good, not very good just good.

    Hopefully this is more esports friendly than BF3 was. Let PC players enjoy esports features while letting consoles have fun too.

      yeh and incorporate bloody voicechat for PC this time

    The follow up to 2011's "Dudes with Guns", may we present "More Dudes with More Guns".

      I'll wait it out for "Generic Shooter 2013: Modern Ops". I hear the Modern Douchefare DLC is only going to cost $49 and it'll come with 2 (Count 'em!) tiny multiplayer only with no bot support, spamfest maps! Yay! I've got wood!


      Spoiled for choice! My cup, runeth over with options!

        they had this for MOH warfighter

        the controlls were so messed up. i hate clicking the scroll button to use the alternate zoom

    Yes, this is all very interesting... but where is the Bad Company 3 announcement?

      agree with you there, cant see this one being very different I just want to see/hear about BC3

    I love battlefield, but is anyone else tired of the modern war setting?

      Just tired with low numbers per side on big maps on consoles...if BF4 doesn't give us 32v32 as a minimum then I'm not interested...

        no problems

        hopefully more console players stop being interested, then maybe they can develop proper games for PC (you know, the one with 64 player servers?)

      I'm pretty indifferent to BF. But yes, I dont think theres much innovation left in the modern setting.

      I wanna see BF5 : Napoleonic Warfare.

        Me too! I'm struggling to see the difference between bf3 and bf4. I'd even take a remake of 1942 or Vietnam over this.


          I remember thinking 'dayum WW2 is overdone' before COD4:MW.

          Now go back to WW2, modern warfare settings have had their day.

            With todays tech, I would love to play the beach landing again in Allied Assualt.

        Hell yeah, I dream of a day where the Total War scope can be implemented into a FPS.

      It's a genre, just like "fantasy MMO" is. I don't see either of them going anywhere.

      well lets see, we have:

      History - World wars, vietnam, civil wars, ancient wars etc etc

      the present - Moh 2010/2012 are as close as this gets
      BF3 and MW pretty much cover the rest of the fictional modern day (present day) settings)

      So the last remaining option they have to milk is the future:
      Black ops 2 did this, Operation flashpoint red river covered this (with story line, not gameplay), bf 2142 did this

      so i envisage them making bf5: 2143 once the modern warfare money train derails

      ater that, i dunno BfX: Event Horizon? and the teasers will be space canons (tanks), Spaceships (jets) and battleships (ships)
      or "Space, space and more space"

    Dat low FOV.

      Its ok we can probably manually increase it in the .txt file and then get kicked for hacking.

        Haha, it's sad but you're likely correct. :p
        Let's hope they add in a slider for the PC version again... I actually get headaches if I play a game with low FOV for more than an hour or so.

          Might not even need to tinker if supports that VR headset that came out this month...

            I haven't really paid attention... I'll take a look.
            Though I imagine it's expensive, and totally not worth the asking price.

    This is next gen? I am disappoint.

      this is next gen console

      fanboys jizzing all over youtube atm

      this is 2 years ago next gen for PC

    Yep, shots from the single player which no one actually gives a damn about.........

      Thank you for your helpful comment. I know we don't know each other, so please don't think I'm being rude when I tell you to go away and be wrong somewhere else.

        Ah so you're the one person who played BF3 for the SP and not the MP.

        Nice to meet you!

        Also go back to the first screen shots from BF3, they looked better.

    I'm assuming AU will pay double for the privilege of playing this game on PS3 again... Really hope EA/Dice/Sony get a clue with this release...

    Dear EA / whoever makes this game,

    Please scrap the single player campaign & bring back offline bots & training modes.


      I would love to see them incorporate Campaign in MP (/wat)

      4, 8 or 16 players all playing as a fireteam/squad/platoon in a multiplayer environment but is actually a campaign storyline.

      Think Halo 3/Reach co-op but with a lot more players and wider maps.

        i would love campaign coop

        i have no more friends who game (yes its pretty sad) so would love this experience

      Yes! I miss botmatch! I miss grabbing a few players and taking on superior numbers of bots for some CTF! 35, you're a champ!

        in MP focused FPS games, I honestly prefer doing that.
        me, a few mates & dozens of bots. so much fun.
        also, it lets me do my own thing without pissing off other players.

        all I wanna do is fly a jet around & maybe try to crash it into my team mates. cant really do that if you're in public matches without getting kicked.

        Edit : Although, having said that, I dont think its gonna happen :(

        Last edited 27/03/13 1:19 pm

    Who cares what the cynics think, it looks great

      Agreed. But I will be very surprised if the gameplay vid tomorrow looks like these images. These look post-edited to me (unless they edit the actual video as well.)

      Keen to find out either way!

    I couldn't personally be bothered with another Battlefield. I picked up BF3, and just stopped lpaying so quickly because I am so god damn sick, of unlocks in multiplayer FPS. It needs to stop.

    Perhaps that's because I remember when people played multiplayer games not to level up to unlock a weapon they want to use (or to put them on a level playing field), through a cheap psychological carrot, but rather because the game was actually fun.

    And quite frankly, i'm not going to pay more to use features or items already in the game. Nor am I going to waste my time, just to use those items.

    It looks awesome. It's good to see that China aka PLA will be in Bf4.

      I see a lot of signs pointing to this being able the current tensions in the east-pacific between China and US/allied nations.

        Yeah ur maybe right with China is a fast growing nation and needs more resources to keep up the growth and you need land for resources which means taking land and with alot of American allies in pacific Asia region I can see USA will respond by concentrating military force in the area to prepare to defend which result having a 'mexican stand-off' then all it needs is any both side to lite the fire or maybe some crazy terrorist will lite it just for the Lulz then hell will break loose.

        That's kinda my theory of the plot of the game will be about.

          wasnt the end of the 17 minute trailer basically a comms between some commanders confirming that the chinese allied with russians?

          (although there was a 1 second grab with a female PLA soldier going on about how you will help her - Binary domain style)

    Is that Joey from Friends in that first picture?

    EA will keep making them if you continue to throw money at them every time they have a bowel movement.


    Another Spunkgargleweewee game.

    I've gotten bored of those now

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